One more

I didn’t like this shape at first, but with transparents, I like it very much.

Still need to work on not getting bubbles in there. But I managed it with one of the ambers, so it can be done (by me!)

Today was a mess already, I had gone to deposit some checks yesterday, but my car was blocked in by DLJ messing around in the garage, so I took his car. And forgot to put the keys back in the key tray. I am horrible with keys, I always have been, no matter what systems I try to put together to always put them in the same place. So they were in my purse when I went to get gas this morning. DLJ called wondering where his keys were. I had not looked in my purse yet, and said to try the jacket I had been wearing. He said “Ok, got it.” and hung up. I thought he meant he had the keys, cause he said he was already standing over the jacket before I suggested it. But no, they weren’t there, but I didn’t know that and didn’t look in my purse until he called back, because I thought “got it” meant he had them.


It’s a Monday alright. More later.

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