yet another day full

Ok, so what else did I manage yesterday. I took my bike and went booze shopping, there was something vaguely amusing about straining up the final hill on the way back, all healthy and stuff, under a load of Absolute, Hypnotiq, Stoli (“what do you mean you caaaaahn’t, just be cause it’s Russian.”) Vanilla, Starbucks Liqueur, white wine and sparkling wine. I unwrapped the new chaise lounge/couch thing and got it where we want it next to the bar. Ankimo immediately claimed it for her own, sitting in the center of it for more than an hour, not even laying down. Freako. DLJ spread new mulch around and weeded yesterday.

Today we went to the Rebuilding Center and looked for a used sink and pedestal, but they didn’t have any in white, just brown and pink. Still, we dropped off our old one as well as the old light fixtures we removed, and all the electrical wall plates, and received deduction receipts for the ol’ taxes next year. We also found a new-to-us front porch light, as ours is brass and we are more of the brushed nickel flavor in such things. Plus, it has a motion detector, all for $35. Score! I will put that in later today.

DLJ is installing the new sink and pedestal we ended up getting elsewhere, I mowed the lawn (what a freaking workout when you have been gone and it’s grown), started laundry, emptied the dishwasher and did final testing on some work on Thomas’ site. He has some new videos in the projection room from a project he finished for the TED conference this past year.

Pizza night, yay. I just emptied the dishwasher and it will be nice to not fill it again with dinner dishes. I could go make glass but I think I’m pretty slogged out, I wasn’t sure if the Hypnotiq would freeze in the freezer (it has some other things in it other than cognac) so I made a froofy drink in a martini glass and put it in there. It’s been a few hours and no freeze, so I think it’s safe to put the bottle in. And I have a nice cool drink now that I have mowed the backyard.

This week, cleaning for party, food for party, dropping off the cameras to be fixed (I will be picture lacking until then), work, perhaps setting up my ergo station in the studio (tho I will dismantle everything in less than a month, so maybe just not worth it until my brand new studio is complete.

I did finish a necklace for an LJ pal, so this week we will have to meet up and make the exhange.

And that’s it! For now.

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