Swabbin’ the deck

Today we got up early and completed the waterproofing/staining of the deck. It was HOT but we prevailed after a few hours of painting. It looks SO much better, it has to cure now for 72 hours. We will have earned our drinks tonight at a gathering of palz.
I just met a local beadmaker for the first time at a nearby coffeehouse. Her stuff is so good! It’s nice to meet someone else nearby who works with glass, who stays at home with her kid and does so. Inspiration for if we ever have brats!

tick……..bzzzz tick……..bzzzz

The kiln is heating up down there. I can’t resist. It’s so hot out again. No rain. I will have to water the tomatoes again later. I have collard greens cooking with some salt pork on the stove, to go with chicken and leftover pasta salad for dinner. Tonight is a date night. DLJ has been working too hard, and we have been doing our own projects too often. Need some couple time, ifyaknowwhatimean.

Just another day or two and I can post finished studio photos!

This n’ That

A recent Duran concert had both “Friends of Mine” AND “Sound of Thunder” AND John and Simon sharing a kiss. My cup would have runneth over and I would have been distracted for days. I can’t remember if I’ve heard “Sound of Thunder” live but I did hear “Friends of Mine” in San Jose once. Good boys, good. Keep the party train rockin’. I suppose I should be envious of all that in one concert…but then I just remember that sunny afternoon with not a single other Duranie around, the smell of Simon’s cologne when I got that awesome hug and conversation in my motorcycle leathers. Purrrrr.

It’s hot. I’m indoors and it’s hot. Not sure why. I need to put my pasta salad in the fridge.

DLJ worked late again last night and I drove out to Portland to meet him and take him back, since he was just tired and not wanting to commute. He works hard, so I don’t mind. Things have to get smoother in the next month or so. They just gotta.

It was super hot so we ate out, but because of the lateness our plan to go to the library was dashed. I need to get my book, and he wanted his library card. Today if he is going to be late I just have to go on my own. I also have to stick around while I fire my project tonight, so maybe I just have to go enroute from work and we can go back later if the kiln is past peak temperature.

I picked up the sheet metal for the benchtops and installed them, Dad will swing by Sunday, I think, to get them placed truly correctly, then we will add the ergo stuff, and the torch will be set and the room will be truly complete in terms of functionality. All that will remain then is the borders for the door/window and patching the light switch by the door. I really miss having the studio working. I have so much to do. So much. I really need to haul ass in August.

Yesterday I bought our Tokyo tickets. The trip seems real now. I guess soon I will start making rough plans and figuring out when the Kyoto trip will be. I am so grateful to our friends who are letting us stay with them; saving so much money and having folks who know the city and speak Japanese. It won’t be so “Lost in Translation” that way.

I have days I’m really tired, tired of being the financial rock. I want to go all squooshy, and I wonder if I will ever have the freedom to. I know you don’t get what you want all the time, and you make your choices. Sometimes the results aren’t seen till later. I have faith that I will not always have to be this way, but at the same time…I don’t trust anything or anyone to make it otherwise. I’ll have to see it to believe it.

*note: My webcam page currently has a small pic of the studio on it. Was showing dad the metal. It’s blurry. Oh well.

Ever expanding to-dos

I’ve managed to get a fair bit done on my to-do list I posted. Laundry, watering, stuff to make dinner, I also went and got passport photos taken, and today I will put in the app to get the new passport I will need. The lawn needs a mowing, it’s going to be HOT today but once the sun passes I will take care of that. I started laying up a dish, I will do the first kiln run on that tonight, most likely. I put fresh sheets on the bed. I should clean out the fridge, it’s time for that. Need to take the compost crock out to the pile. Deadhead the roses. Work on the store. I’m close now. I just need to get a small bit of inventory in there for testing, then fill it out and whammo. But I am still waiting for my table top metal to come in before I can torch again. I’ll use old beads as test inventory, they are already loaded save for the pictures.

I went to the local glass store to get the splash guard for the grinder. This store used to carry Bullseye glass but has stopped; this is good and bad. Bad cause the store is really close by, but really, with Bullseye only about 20 minutes away, it’s not a big deal. Still, it would be less gas. It’s good in that they still have some glass there on 30% off sale until it’s all gone. They don’t have lots of colors I’d want but I did walk away with a large square of silver irid yesterday, which is good for some of my projects. I also got a new cutter, as mine was a freebie and leaks all over the place with the purple oil Xanthia gave me so long ago. I filled the new one and tested it out last night. It has a funny grip that will take a little getting used to. August is all about kilnforming. I need to crank out 4 or 5 coaster sets or dishes, I’d say. I have a lot of learning to do.

Another hot day today. Mom and Dad were out looking at condos. I told them last year if they were interested to go for it, as things would start to boom, and they did. I only said “I told you so” once. ;) We are invited out to the coast again this weekend, but I don’t think it’s in the cards. We are going next weekend after anyway, and there’s a party at a McMenamin’s we’d like to go to, and really should work on some house projects and things. So probably not, but who knows.

Work calls. Everyday I just plod along with this life, knowing it will change soon. Most likely for the better, probably for the scarier. Change. Always a little unnerving.


A day after finishing the Harry Potter book, I guess my final thought is….it was an OK book. I miss the first ones, but that might have just been the newness of them, in general. And the fact they felt way more escapist and like sugary cupcakes then they do now. Which does not devalue the increased complexity of the lives of the characters…but it’s just not as much fun, dammit.

So, no, definitely not “the best one yet” in my opinion. But a good yarn.

Back from the beach. I want it to be next weekend already just so that I know how some things went this week. Impatient for the answer, and mildly fearful. DLJ really is having a rough patch at work, and I just want it to be taken control of, fixed, mended, remodeled and reorganized. Until that sort of thing happens, I worry.

Today will be a busy day after work. I need to go to the grocery and get basics and the stuff for this week’s dinners, do laundry, I’d like to design and maybe even cut out some glass for a small dish I want to do, drop a check off at the bank, design a necklace for someone, design a necklace and a bracelet for someone else, water the roses and hydrangeas after being gone all weekend (yay, rainbarrel water, here we come!), change the sheets on the bed…yeah, busy day. I doubt I will get to all of these things.

Golf was fun. It was windy, which made us all a little tired after nine holes, but it was fun. DLJ did REALLY well for his first time ever. He got some really good shots off! We didn’t keep score and had a good time. The quick lesson we got with the pro helped; I did well with the 7 iron most of the time and switched to a 5 a few times to try it out. I was better with the pitching wedge at the end, but my putting sucked all around. We had fun and will see if we can play again when we go back to the coast, and maybe we will go to the driving range this week. Another expensive pasttime, just what we need! Well, it can be a lowkey one for us, hopefully, if DLJ wants to stick with it. I know Dad would love that, and I’m all for DLJ finding a thing he likes to do outside the house.

Coastal Living

Sunday morning at the coast. We just strolled back from coffee at the local small roastery. The weather has been just marvelous, clear, sunny, a little windy. I finished the Harry Potter book this morning after starting it Friday night. A good yarn. Next is probably The Kite Runner, though I did pick up a copy of Norwegian Wood from the library before we left for the coast.

The view is marvelous as always, the blue of the sea inked out across the windows right below us.

DLJ had a rough work week, and Dad offered to take us out on ATV rentals if I went along too. I did this down in Cabo San Lucas and it was fun, I wanted to relax more than go bounce around on sand dunes but DLJ was into it and wanted to go, and he WAS the one with a crappy week. If that relaxed him, then I was all for it, so the three of us went up and down dunes for an hour. I got stuck twice, DLJ once, Dad once. Dad seemed real proud I kept up…geeze, I’m a girl, but I’ve always been the tomboy type more than the frilly skirts type!

Today we are going to a friend of theirs’ condo for brunch, then off to play golf. It’s just a small 9-hole course, but I’ve never played on a course, just driving ranges. DLJ and I should be spectacularly klutzy beginners while Dad hits perfect straight shots, but who cares. It will be fun, then a quick dinner and back to Portland.

We are coming out at least one more weekend, not sure yet if two.
Ok, I have to go help make a fruit salad now. Good weekend, relaxing, fun, a little escape. Without giving away anything about the Potter book, I have to admit that although I am glad the books are increasing in complexity and difficulty as the kids age, which makes sense, I do miss the blissful world of the very first couple books, before the troubles got more serious. Talk about escapism, those first books were just a world I would have loved to visit. Now, not quite as much, but that’s not the point, is it. =)


RAIN! Sweet, wonderful, fresh rain! The thunderclaps woke me up a couple times in the night, but I never saw the lightning that woke DLJ up. I did get one of those fabulous leg cramps during one of my waking periods; my calf still hurts as I sit here.

But wow, did the world smell fresh this morning. And the rainbarrels must be restocked to a good degree. Unfortunately, my sunroof was slightly cracked, meaning my seat was damp this morning. If the sun stays out I will go to the car and crack the windows soon, so the moisture can escape as the car heats up.

DLJ worked VERY late last night, so no packing was done ahead of time. I did most of mine so I can go to the grocery store and stock up the house on basics, we are low on some things and will get home from the coast too late on Sunday to want to deal with it. Hopefully he will pack while I do that, and then off we will go.

It’s busy so I’ll stop this here. But here’s the rest of the swimming pool beads. The real focal bead cracked so I need to remake that, I loved it, looked like a tootsie pop shape. Grr.

Swimming Pool set

The heart is wonky and will go into the “Free Bead” bin at work, most likely.

Chit chit chit

Bullseye came out with some new lustre colors….these are ones that change to metallic colors in the flame. I have the first two they released, and now there are many! But I need to wait. There are other things I need first, like a proper T-square, a new cutter. I think when I go there next week to pick up the cutter, I will treat myself two one new lustre color rod to play with. But that’s it. I told myself I would only buy during the bullpen sales, unless it was for a specific commission, and I will stand by that. Especially now that I can access all my colors I bought in April. Last night I gave the studio a quick whirl, just to see how the ventilation was working. I only made a few beads since the torch is not bolted down, but I couldn’t resist trying a new color. New to me, anyway. Aqua-blue tint. It looks like water in a swimming pool.

This weekend we are going to the coast, so no more glass fun till next week, and no fusing until the metal is in. The kiln gets a lot hotter for that, and I am not going to risk it until my metal benchtops are in place.

DLJ and I are looking forward to the trip. The condo my parents rent is small but very nice, right on the water. I don’t really have any “beach books” to read, and my three books on request at the library still aren’t up for my grabs. Maybe I will just bring some glass stuff along to read over. Such a nerd.

I got my bike registered today, finally. FINALLY. I was first in line, so it took 5 minutes. What a great equalizer the DMV is, there were all types flocked behind me, bitching about this and that, old guys, young obese goth chicks, mods, Moms with kids…everyone has to hang out at the DMV at some point if they want to drive in any vague sort of legal state.

I know it’s bad to water plants at night, and I don’t do it, but I love the smell of sprinklers at dusk. Hose water always smells different, tastes different. It tastes of chill and childhood to me. But walking through the neighborhood in the summer is nice. I love the smell of sprinkers, damp earth and the chit-chit-chit noises of the water shooting across yards. In my head that is what “The Hissing of Summer Lawns” is, not a record album.

Pink Lady

Almost forgot to post here….we found this amazing spider on the roses.

Further research by a friend labels it a Crab Spider. They can slowly change color to match the flower they sit on, and they don’t spin webs…they just sit and wait for dinner. It’s listed as neutral to good guy in terms of garden harm or help.

I certainly have never seen a white spider with pink racing stripes before. She’s so badass!