Glass has been kicking my ass the past few days. Been trying to do something pretty simple and repeatedly failing. Maybe it’s not so simple. Fellow artists have been encouraging, but it’s frustrating almost a year out to not be able to control the stuff the way I want, in what is a reasonably simple design manner.
Today I did even worse than yesterday, actually burning the stuff with each try. I abandoned the task and fiddled with something else, and figured out how to make terraform beads without relying on a “strange” color that I have only limited supply of. I have six rods of that color left, now, it doesn’t matter, I can make them forever.
I feel vaguely nauseous. Today is my last time with glass for a couple weeks, and maybe that’s a good thing. I will have the ventilation set up better when my Dad is done building my benches. I think I need a mini break to let go of the frustration I feel at skills I am not improving in. I want to do things with multiple colors and layers of colors. Some folks say hey, maybe it’s just not your style, so why fight that, why push it. Because it’s technical. It’s a technical skill to make a bead with stripes on it. I want the skill, I want the mastery of glass needed to do that, and anything else that comes after. So frustrating tho…so very frustrating.
I have today off, my company gave us two days off for the 4th of July. Glass was work more than fun, and now I will finish painting the guest room. Then…it’s relaxing all afternoon, hook or crook. I need to chill out.

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  1. hello! I saw your works. They were so lovely!
    I was going to ask you to make a small thing for our baby, IF the baby was girl…..:(

    I am horrible at crafting or sewing,etc. So I just admire people like you who can bring out things.

    I will be looking forward to seeing more!!

  2. Hi Mayumi!

    Well…There might still be something I can make. I will send J a link for something for you to see. If you like, it and it would be useful….I can make one for you to wear, and the baby can enjoy it too. =)

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