Decks and T squares

Another gorgeous day. One of these gorgeous days we are going to have to start the deck maintenance. All the materials from building the studio are put away and the deck really just needs a quick cleaning before we begin sanding. The previous owners left us this funny machine…it’s like the things they wash tennis courts with, a bunch of nozzles on a pipe sitting between two wheels that you push along. The spray from the nozzles cleans the surface and pushes any leaves, etc, out in front of the water and off the side of the deck. It pretty much rules. We have sanders lying around from the studio work and all the deck gunk sitting in the garage waiting. Maybe next week.

I just ordered the metal countertop things for the studio. We set up the stereo last night but the wiring is all over, I know when Dad sees it he won’t be able to handle it not looking nice, so hopefully he will come up with a solution. We have plenty of speaker wire to use if we need more. I think it’s close enough to done to post a photo tonight or tomorrow.

After work I am going to a local glass place in the next town over to look for a shield thing for the glass grinder I got in the mail, as well as a t-square. Then I need to figure a quick dinner while DLJ is at the golf lesson. Probably just soup and sammich.

I want more rain, dammit! Even tho I have to do my deck, but I got 110 gallons of empty waiting for some sweet rain storage.

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