A day after finishing the Harry Potter book, I guess my final thought is….it was an OK book. I miss the first ones, but that might have just been the newness of them, in general. And the fact they felt way more escapist and like sugary cupcakes then they do now. Which does not devalue the increased complexity of the lives of the characters…but it’s just not as much fun, dammit.

So, no, definitely not “the best one yet” in my opinion. But a good yarn.

Back from the beach. I want it to be next weekend already just so that I know how some things went this week. Impatient for the answer, and mildly fearful. DLJ really is having a rough patch at work, and I just want it to be taken control of, fixed, mended, remodeled and reorganized. Until that sort of thing happens, I worry.

Today will be a busy day after work. I need to go to the grocery and get basics and the stuff for this week’s dinners, do laundry, I’d like to design and maybe even cut out some glass for a small dish I want to do, drop a check off at the bank, design a necklace for someone, design a necklace and a bracelet for someone else, water the roses and hydrangeas after being gone all weekend (yay, rainbarrel water, here we come!), change the sheets on the bed…yeah, busy day. I doubt I will get to all of these things.

Golf was fun. It was windy, which made us all a little tired after nine holes, but it was fun. DLJ did REALLY well for his first time ever. He got some really good shots off! We didn’t keep score and had a good time. The quick lesson we got with the pro helped; I did well with the 7 iron most of the time and switched to a 5 a few times to try it out. I was better with the pitching wedge at the end, but my putting sucked all around. We had fun and will see if we can play again when we go back to the coast, and maybe we will go to the driving range this week. Another expensive pasttime, just what we need! Well, it can be a lowkey one for us, hopefully, if DLJ wants to stick with it. I know Dad would love that, and I’m all for DLJ finding a thing he likes to do outside the house.

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