Swabbin’ the deck

Today we got up early and completed the waterproofing/staining of the deck. It was HOT but we prevailed after a few hours of painting. It looks SO much better, it has to cure now for 72 hours. We will have earned our drinks tonight at a gathering of palz.
I just met a local beadmaker for the first time at a nearby coffeehouse. Her stuff is so good! It’s nice to meet someone else nearby who works with glass, who stays at home with her kid and does so. Inspiration for if we ever have brats!

5 thoughts on “Swabbin’ the deck

  1. Hey, what did you use on your deck? I stained a redwood deck a year ago with some Olympic semi-transparent stain which basicallly failed. I just did another deck last week with some Superdeck transparent stain, “redwood” color over actual redwood boards. It’s starting out looking better, and I hope it lasts better!

  2. Dennis! Woot!

    We used something with a “cedar” color to it, I am not sure of the brand but I will go look at the can at home. I’m pretty sure DLJ bought it at Home Depot.

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