I tried to register the bike today. Went to the DMV, nice and early. There was one man there already , his head bent over a driving test manual.
“I thought I’d be the first one here!” I said.
“No, but don’t ya know it, they don’t open until NINE on Wednesdays,” he said.
“NINE? NINE?!?!”
I stomped my booted foot and walked back to the bike. First electrical issues, to the shop twice, then finally home with a new battery, I have a day I can go…and it’s the one day a week they open late. The DMV lives to mock us all!
I went home and changed, got in the car and drove to work, listening to NPR. Another day in the life of the web monkey.
I have a spider plant here at work. I have never been able to grow a spider plant. I know, I know, they are industructable, fool-proof, excellent beginner plants, easy to grow. Well, once again I am failing. The leaves are brown on some tips, it will never make babies I’m sure. I tried putting it on top of my cube, so it could glean some daylight from the windows far away across the yards of cube space. I gave it to a friend (she sits under a massive skylight) and of course it did well there. It’s now under my desk lamp and I see others within ten feet of me with glossy, green spider plants. Happy, thriving spider plants. Mine looks like it’s back from a early-week bender.
Last night I successfully bought one of two parts I need for my grinder, I got the plastic window guard thingie that hangs over the top to keep glass from flying upwards. Now I need the guard that goes around the back and sides. It reminds me of those carrols in libraries or when you take tests so your neighbor can’t see your work. But it’s just a short one to keep glass and gunk from hitting anything around or behind the grinder. I used to love those carrols. I’d make one on my desk with my Trapper Keeper folders…and have my own little world. Anyway, the place was out of those but will get a shipment in Friday. I will go next week, and then my grinder will have it’s own little world.
I have a late meeting today so it’s out to dinner for us tonight. I don’t like eating out a lot, but I will probably get home when DLJ does, and neither of us will feel like cooking.

4 thoughts on “Carrols

  1. I am one of those hapless persons that cannot keep indoor plants. As I speak a succulent garden (perhaps they are not related to cacti?) that is suffering in my small window at work and a very nice and tall but pale and sunburnt bamboo. My only hope is that my coworkers don’t take the condition of my plants as an indicator of the quality of my work.

    I want to have healthy plants … but if I replace them, wouldn’t it be worse?

  2. Woohoo! I’m not the only one! I always lament to Charlotte (my spider plant) about why she’s not growing. She’s doing much better at the house I’m sitting at, but I’m afeared for her health when we relocate!

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