Chit chit chit

Bullseye came out with some new lustre colors….these are ones that change to metallic colors in the flame. I have the first two they released, and now there are many! But I need to wait. There are other things I need first, like a proper T-square, a new cutter. I think when I go there next week to pick up the cutter, I will treat myself two one new lustre color rod to play with. But that’s it. I told myself I would only buy during the bullpen sales, unless it was for a specific commission, and I will stand by that. Especially now that I can access all my colors I bought in April. Last night I gave the studio a quick whirl, just to see how the ventilation was working. I only made a few beads since the torch is not bolted down, but I couldn’t resist trying a new color. New to me, anyway. Aqua-blue tint. It looks like water in a swimming pool.

This weekend we are going to the coast, so no more glass fun till next week, and no fusing until the metal is in. The kiln gets a lot hotter for that, and I am not going to risk it until my metal benchtops are in place.

DLJ and I are looking forward to the trip. The condo my parents rent is small but very nice, right on the water. I don’t really have any “beach books” to read, and my three books on request at the library still aren’t up for my grabs. Maybe I will just bring some glass stuff along to read over. Such a nerd.

I got my bike registered today, finally. FINALLY. I was first in line, so it took 5 minutes. What a great equalizer the DMV is, there were all types flocked behind me, bitching about this and that, old guys, young obese goth chicks, mods, Moms with kids…everyone has to hang out at the DMV at some point if they want to drive in any vague sort of legal state.

I know it’s bad to water plants at night, and I don’t do it, but I love the smell of sprinklers at dusk. Hose water always smells different, tastes different. It tastes of chill and childhood to me. But walking through the neighborhood in the summer is nice. I love the smell of sprinkers, damp earth and the chit-chit-chit noises of the water shooting across yards. In my head that is what “The Hissing of Summer Lawns” is, not a record album.

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