Coastal Living

Sunday morning at the coast. We just strolled back from coffee at the local small roastery. The weather has been just marvelous, clear, sunny, a little windy. I finished the Harry Potter book this morning after starting it Friday night. A good yarn. Next is probably The Kite Runner, though I did pick up a copy of Norwegian Wood from the library before we left for the coast.

The view is marvelous as always, the blue of the sea inked out across the windows right below us.

DLJ had a rough work week, and Dad offered to take us out on ATV rentals if I went along too. I did this down in Cabo San Lucas and it was fun, I wanted to relax more than go bounce around on sand dunes but DLJ was into it and wanted to go, and he WAS the one with a crappy week. If that relaxed him, then I was all for it, so the three of us went up and down dunes for an hour. I got stuck twice, DLJ once, Dad once. Dad seemed real proud I kept up…geeze, I’m a girl, but I’ve always been the tomboy type more than the frilly skirts type!

Today we are going to a friend of theirs’ condo for brunch, then off to play golf. It’s just a small 9-hole course, but I’ve never played on a course, just driving ranges. DLJ and I should be spectacularly klutzy beginners while Dad hits perfect straight shots, but who cares. It will be fun, then a quick dinner and back to Portland.

We are coming out at least one more weekend, not sure yet if two.
Ok, I have to go help make a fruit salad now. Good weekend, relaxing, fun, a little escape. Without giving away anything about the Potter book, I have to admit that although I am glad the books are increasing in complexity and difficulty as the kids age, which makes sense, I do miss the blissful world of the very first couple books, before the troubles got more serious. Talk about escapism, those first books were just a world I would have loved to visit. Now, not quite as much, but that’s not the point, is it. =)

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