RAIN! Sweet, wonderful, fresh rain! The thunderclaps woke me up a couple times in the night, but I never saw the lightning that woke DLJ up. I did get one of those fabulous leg cramps during one of my waking periods; my calf still hurts as I sit here.

But wow, did the world smell fresh this morning. And the rainbarrels must be restocked to a good degree. Unfortunately, my sunroof was slightly cracked, meaning my seat was damp this morning. If the sun stays out I will go to the car and crack the windows soon, so the moisture can escape as the car heats up.

DLJ worked VERY late last night, so no packing was done ahead of time. I did most of mine so I can go to the grocery store and stock up the house on basics, we are low on some things and will get home from the coast too late on Sunday to want to deal with it. Hopefully he will pack while I do that, and then off we will go.

It’s busy so I’ll stop this here. But here’s the rest of the swimming pool beads. The real focal bead cracked so I need to remake that, I loved it, looked like a tootsie pop shape. Grr.

Swimming Pool set

The heart is wonky and will go into the “Free Bead” bin at work, most likely.

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