Day off Extra

I’m having a hard time shaking sleep today. Here are my theories:
1.) I didn’t get to sleep until past midnight, it was warm out and I had the ceiling fan on medium, but DLJ was up and reading and watching his Tivo’d Tour de France and I just didn’t truly drop off until he called it a night.
2.) Yesterday afternoon I decided to relax with a drink. This was around 2 pm. I made a concoction of orangecello, vanilla vodka and tonic water to top it off, shaken with ice. It filled a small wine glass and I sipped it. It somehow got me BUZZED, which was very odd. Maybe I’m just not used to those weekday early afternoon drinks? Maybe today’s lethargy is related.
3.) My ventilation is off kilter and I’m full of metals from the glass. Doubtful, but who knows. That was my last torching session anyway, until the studio is redone. Starting tonight I park in the driveway and start moving everything into the garage for short term storage till the studio is built out.

Yesterday was a nice day off. I messed with glass, finished painting the guest room, made dinner, finished Empire Falls, had the drink of doom, took a short nap, and played with the kitties. Work and relaxation, mixed throughout the day. Now that I finished my book, I have no more fiction around, so it’s time to start using my library card. I plan to go to the farmer’s market on Saturday, and since the library is right next door, I will see what I can borrow to read. In the interim I am rereading the Hitchiker Books, I’m about a quarter into Restaurant at the End of the Universe right now.

I hope the guest room airs out by Sunday for my parents, who are staying with us for a about a week while Dad works on the studio.

It’s almost my birthday.

I want to spend more time sitting in cafes.

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