Ever expanding to-dos

I’ve managed to get a fair bit done on my to-do list I posted. Laundry, watering, stuff to make dinner, I also went and got passport photos taken, and today I will put in the app to get the new passport I will need. The lawn needs a mowing, it’s going to be HOT today but once the sun passes I will take care of that. I started laying up a dish, I will do the first kiln run on that tonight, most likely. I put fresh sheets on the bed. I should clean out the fridge, it’s time for that. Need to take the compost crock out to the pile. Deadhead the roses. Work on the store. I’m close now. I just need to get a small bit of inventory in there for testing, then fill it out and whammo. But I am still waiting for my table top metal to come in before I can torch again. I’ll use old beads as test inventory, they are already loaded save for the pictures.

I went to the local glass store to get the splash guard for the grinder. This store used to carry Bullseye glass but has stopped; this is good and bad. Bad cause the store is really close by, but really, with Bullseye only about 20 minutes away, it’s not a big deal. Still, it would be less gas. It’s good in that they still have some glass there on 30% off sale until it’s all gone. They don’t have lots of colors I’d want but I did walk away with a large square of silver irid yesterday, which is good for some of my projects. I also got a new cutter, as mine was a freebie and leaks all over the place with the purple oil Xanthia gave me so long ago. I filled the new one and tested it out last night. It has a funny grip that will take a little getting used to. August is all about kilnforming. I need to crank out 4 or 5 coaster sets or dishes, I’d say. I have a lot of learning to do.

Another hot day today. Mom and Dad were out looking at condos. I told them last year if they were interested to go for it, as things would start to boom, and they did. I only said “I told you so” once. ;) We are invited out to the coast again this weekend, but I don’t think it’s in the cards. We are going next weekend after anyway, and there’s a party at a McMenamin’s we’d like to go to, and really should work on some house projects and things. So probably not, but who knows.

Work calls. Everyday I just plod along with this life, knowing it will change soon. Most likely for the better, probably for the scarier. Change. Always a little unnerving.

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