First Thursday

Thursday was a delight. After work I went straight to DLJ’s office, where I got to see his new digs, a private office on the second floor. Much nicer than the old one, there’s lots of shifting going around at his work so we will see if he gets to keep it.
He gave me an ibook to surf around on while he finished up work for the day, and then we left and walked to Dragonfish. I got a happy hour drink and sushi and we talked for about forty minutes about life, the universe, and everything until Synthcat showed up, switching the conversation to the “but the kitchen sink” part. I ordered some garlic poke ( I LOVE the poke at Dragonfish) and we watched a woman get out of her car on the street with blood stains on her skirt. Too long in a tampon? Something like that. Her entourage, once they realized it, tried to stand behind her and shield her into the building. I don’t think I have ever had a huge blood accident like that, not that I noticed anyway!

After the light dinner we wandered to a local gelato place. I got vanilla and lemoncello, it tasted just like lemon creme centers to cookies, mmmmm. We kept walking and stumbled into First Thursday, something I had yet to experience. Lots of vendors and art, paintings, clothes, glass, jewelry. It was very fun to experience.

Today my paycheck has not shown up in my new or old bank account. Changing banks is such a pain. I will have to chase down the situation with that. Also need to start cleaning up for the weekend. My parents leave AZ today to start driving to us. I also want to do a last minute fused project before the studio is completely dismantled. I can move the torch and stuff out of the way, even the glass cutting desk, but just want to get one more thing in the kiln. I also need to gather together a glass portfolio this weekend, I need it for something next week. *cryptic*

Yay! Almost the weekend!

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