hippo birdie

Out to dinner now, at Jakes, a 100+ year-old restaurant in Portland for my birthday dinner. Fresh fish of the day, old wooden booths, waiters in formal white jackets and those metal things they clean breadcrumbs off the linens with. DLJ got me a cool computer bag for my 17″ powerbook, an audio cable for my ipod in the glass studio and a new purse. I never buy myself purses. The one I was using until now was a freebie Halsted gave me many moons ago, which I will keep as a backup. I am wearing my Grandmother’s bracelet she left me that I rarely wear. As a young woman, it was just plain too nice. What is a 22 year-old going to do with a bracelet worth over $1,300? Where would she wear it? These days, birthdays and Christmas work…and I like it that way. I’d rather not be a woman who can wear it any day and have it fit in. If that makes any sense.
I got DLJ a golf lesson for tomorrow.
I’m 33. Life is good. Not much that I want to change, and the things I do, well, they are already in the plans to change in this next year. Can’t complain, I have all that I need and much of what I want. Maybe even too much for my own good. Off I go! Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!

Most stuff is in the studio now; once the stereo system is wired up I will take photos, even though the purple Christmas lights aren’t yet relocated.

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