Lowe’s Hounds

I should be getting enough sleep, but I still feel kinda groggy this morning. I had a dream where DLJ’s dream-self was bad and cheated on me at a party. The woman in question was a composite of real and non real, but the bulk of her was my friend Dragavonne’s wife! haha. I told him about the dream and he thought it was funny, and said he was sorry. In the dream I had made him leave and couldn’t decide if I was going to let him back. My dream-self had become sort of enamored of the idea of being single again. In truth, while I miss the zingers and butterflies and hormones in constant overdrive (that’s what crushes are for these days) I do not miss the uncertainty, the work, the wondering, the what-ifs and all the work to find out where you stand. Marriage might be more familiar but you have more time to do other things than wonder about whowherewhenwhyhow?

Mom and Dad are here, Dad is working up a storm in the studio. When I got up this morning he was already outside working on it! He loves this stuff. Mom helps out by running errands if he needs something, though they both went out driving all over yesterday. I went to Lowe’s with Dad last night to pick up the tubing to hold my glass rods. The guy at Lowe’s was curious what we were doing so I explained and showed him a necklace I am wearing of my beads. He got all excited and gave me the email of his sister in LA who is making jewelry and looking for new suppliers of beads and things, as her work has picked up a lot in the last year or so. Heh. Connections, gotta love them. He was really nice and helpful, so maybe I will email her, even if just to say her bro kicks ass at Lowe’s.

Work is SO busy. So. Busy. DLJ’s too. A few weekends at the shore will be nice while my parents are here, that’s for certain. Not this weekend, but next, is our first weekend at the coast. I look forward to relaxing, playing a little golf, and reading and watching the waves.

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