I tried to register the bike today. Went to the DMV, nice and early. There was one man there already , his head bent over a driving test manual.
“I thought I’d be the first one here!” I said.
“No, but don’t ya know it, they don’t open until NINE on Wednesdays,” he said.
“NINE? NINE?!?!”
I stomped my booted foot and walked back to the bike. First electrical issues, to the shop twice, then finally home with a new battery, I have a day I can go…and it’s the one day a week they open late. The DMV lives to mock us all!
I went home and changed, got in the car and drove to work, listening to NPR. Another day in the life of the web monkey.
I have a spider plant here at work. I have never been able to grow a spider plant. I know, I know, they are industructable, fool-proof, excellent beginner plants, easy to grow. Well, once again I am failing. The leaves are brown on some tips, it will never make babies I’m sure. I tried putting it on top of my cube, so it could glean some daylight from the windows far away across the yards of cube space. I gave it to a friend (she sits under a massive skylight) and of course it did well there. It’s now under my desk lamp and I see others within ten feet of me with glossy, green spider plants. Happy, thriving spider plants. Mine looks like it’s back from a early-week bender.
Last night I successfully bought one of two parts I need for my grinder, I got the plastic window guard thingie that hangs over the top to keep glass from flying upwards. Now I need the guard that goes around the back and sides. It reminds me of those carrols in libraries or when you take tests so your neighbor can’t see your work. But it’s just a short one to keep glass and gunk from hitting anything around or behind the grinder. I used to love those carrols. I’d make one on my desk with my Trapper Keeper folders…and have my own little world. Anyway, the place was out of those but will get a shipment in Friday. I will go next week, and then my grinder will have it’s own little world.
I have a late meeting today so it’s out to dinner for us tonight. I don’t like eating out a lot, but I will probably get home when DLJ does, and neither of us will feel like cooking.

Decks and T squares

Another gorgeous day. One of these gorgeous days we are going to have to start the deck maintenance. All the materials from building the studio are put away and the deck really just needs a quick cleaning before we begin sanding. The previous owners left us this funny machine…it’s like the things they wash tennis courts with, a bunch of nozzles on a pipe sitting between two wheels that you push along. The spray from the nozzles cleans the surface and pushes any leaves, etc, out in front of the water and off the side of the deck. It pretty much rules. We have sanders lying around from the studio work and all the deck gunk sitting in the garage waiting. Maybe next week.

I just ordered the metal countertop things for the studio. We set up the stereo last night but the wiring is all over, I know when Dad sees it he won’t be able to handle it not looking nice, so hopefully he will come up with a solution. We have plenty of speaker wire to use if we need more. I think it’s close enough to done to post a photo tonight or tomorrow.

After work I am going to a local glass place in the next town over to look for a shield thing for the glass grinder I got in the mail, as well as a t-square. Then I need to figure a quick dinner while DLJ is at the golf lesson. Probably just soup and sammich.

I want more rain, dammit! Even tho I have to do my deck, but I got 110 gallons of empty waiting for some sweet rain storage.

hippo birdie

Out to dinner now, at Jakes, a 100+ year-old restaurant in Portland for my birthday dinner. Fresh fish of the day, old wooden booths, waiters in formal white jackets and those metal things they clean breadcrumbs off the linens with. DLJ got me a cool computer bag for my 17″ powerbook, an audio cable for my ipod in the glass studio and a new purse. I never buy myself purses. The one I was using until now was a freebie Halsted gave me many moons ago, which I will keep as a backup. I am wearing my Grandmother’s bracelet she left me that I rarely wear. As a young woman, it was just plain too nice. What is a 22 year-old going to do with a bracelet worth over $1,300? Where would she wear it? These days, birthdays and Christmas work…and I like it that way. I’d rather not be a woman who can wear it any day and have it fit in. If that makes any sense.
I got DLJ a golf lesson for tomorrow.
I’m 33. Life is good. Not much that I want to change, and the things I do, well, they are already in the plans to change in this next year. Can’t complain, I have all that I need and much of what I want. Maybe even too much for my own good. Off I go! Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!

Most stuff is in the studio now; once the stereo system is wired up I will take photos, even though the purple Christmas lights aren’t yet relocated.

*swiff* *thwock*

I am very tired. I had an excellent weekend, but it did not really feel like a weekend. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday helping Dad work on my glass studio. I painted, sanded, drilled holes, put in drawer knobs, and helped hold wood to cut on the saw. It was hot, and Dad is a perfectionist, but it was fun and it is almost done now. It’s in working condition, even, once I move everything back to the studio from the garage. All that really remains is to call a sheet metal company and get the covers for the torch bench and where the kiln(s) live and he will come back by in a week or two and install them. After that we mount the ergo-station for flameworkers and it’s set. Last night we cleaned up the worksite and I moved all the glass rods back, and most of the sheet. I have every color Bullsye makes in rod, but have used VERY little of it until I had a storage system other than keeping it in the boxes I picked them up in.
Dad is really happy with how it turned out, and that makes me happy. And, given today IS my birthday, I got my birthday present right on time! ;)
Saturday we did take a break and went to a driving range. I have not hit a golf ball since my early teens, other than putt putt, and I don’t know if DLJ ever has. But I told Dad I wanted to play on a real course, even if it’s a pitch and putt, whatever. I never have. He, being a golf addict, was delighted, and DLJ wanted to get in on the action, too.
I clearly forgot everything I once knew, and started off way sucky, but by the end I had either relearned or remembered my form (I suspect the latter, I’m not THAT amazing an athlete) well enough to get good form, and even two really good shots off. DLJ did AWESOME for never trying before. Both of us were doing way better than when we started in on the bucket of balls, and Dad was a pretty good teacher, I think. Part of why I asked Dad if we could play a course while we are visiting them on the shore is that I never have had a chance to learn to enjoy golf. As a kid, I just shot balls at the driving range with him, but never got to put it into use anywhere.
Hopefully DLJ can snag a lesson this week before we go stay at the ocean this weekend. Dad says the condo they rented is same as always, nice and the waves are right outside and sound wonderful. We will go down for at least two weekends before they go back to AZ.
A good weekend. But not really feeling like one. I’m pretty tired!
But it’s my birthday today! :)

Studio in progress

Dad’s here, working hard. I helped last night by doing fills in all the nailholes. He leaves Sunday, so it will be interesting to see how close to completion we get. He said when I get home today we will be in the last stretch.

There’s Daddy!

Last night Dad, DLJ and I drove to the top of a nearby hill with a park on it that we had never been to. It was hazy, but clear, and you could see St. Helens and Mt. Hood.

Man, it’s good to have my camera back.
It’s almost the weekend! I have been so busy at work, and I must get to the day’s plowing through correction on the website for our huge launch in August.

It’s my birthday on Monday.

Lowe’s Hounds

I should be getting enough sleep, but I still feel kinda groggy this morning. I had a dream where DLJ’s dream-self was bad and cheated on me at a party. The woman in question was a composite of real and non real, but the bulk of her was my friend Dragavonne’s wife! haha. I told him about the dream and he thought it was funny, and said he was sorry. In the dream I had made him leave and couldn’t decide if I was going to let him back. My dream-self had become sort of enamored of the idea of being single again. In truth, while I miss the zingers and butterflies and hormones in constant overdrive (that’s what crushes are for these days) I do not miss the uncertainty, the work, the wondering, the what-ifs and all the work to find out where you stand. Marriage might be more familiar but you have more time to do other things than wonder about whowherewhenwhyhow?

Mom and Dad are here, Dad is working up a storm in the studio. When I got up this morning he was already outside working on it! He loves this stuff. Mom helps out by running errands if he needs something, though they both went out driving all over yesterday. I went to Lowe’s with Dad last night to pick up the tubing to hold my glass rods. The guy at Lowe’s was curious what we were doing so I explained and showed him a necklace I am wearing of my beads. He got all excited and gave me the email of his sister in LA who is making jewelry and looking for new suppliers of beads and things, as her work has picked up a lot in the last year or so. Heh. Connections, gotta love them. He was really nice and helpful, so maybe I will email her, even if just to say her bro kicks ass at Lowe’s.

Work is SO busy. So. Busy. DLJ’s too. A few weekends at the shore will be nice while my parents are here, that’s for certain. Not this weekend, but next, is our first weekend at the coast. I look forward to relaxing, playing a little golf, and reading and watching the waves.

First Thursday

Thursday was a delight. After work I went straight to DLJ’s office, where I got to see his new digs, a private office on the second floor. Much nicer than the old one, there’s lots of shifting going around at his work so we will see if he gets to keep it.
He gave me an ibook to surf around on while he finished up work for the day, and then we left and walked to Dragonfish. I got a happy hour drink and sushi and we talked for about forty minutes about life, the universe, and everything until Synthcat showed up, switching the conversation to the “but the kitchen sink” part. I ordered some garlic poke ( I LOVE the poke at Dragonfish) and we watched a woman get out of her car on the street with blood stains on her skirt. Too long in a tampon? Something like that. Her entourage, once they realized it, tried to stand behind her and shield her into the building. I don’t think I have ever had a huge blood accident like that, not that I noticed anyway!

After the light dinner we wandered to a local gelato place. I got vanilla and lemoncello, it tasted just like lemon creme centers to cookies, mmmmm. We kept walking and stumbled into First Thursday, something I had yet to experience. Lots of vendors and art, paintings, clothes, glass, jewelry. It was very fun to experience.

Today my paycheck has not shown up in my new or old bank account. Changing banks is such a pain. I will have to chase down the situation with that. Also need to start cleaning up for the weekend. My parents leave AZ today to start driving to us. I also want to do a last minute fused project before the studio is completely dismantled. I can move the torch and stuff out of the way, even the glass cutting desk, but just want to get one more thing in the kiln. I also need to gather together a glass portfolio this weekend, I need it for something next week. *cryptic*

Yay! Almost the weekend!

Day off Extra

I’m having a hard time shaking sleep today. Here are my theories:
1.) I didn’t get to sleep until past midnight, it was warm out and I had the ceiling fan on medium, but DLJ was up and reading and watching his Tivo’d Tour de France and I just didn’t truly drop off until he called it a night.
2.) Yesterday afternoon I decided to relax with a drink. This was around 2 pm. I made a concoction of orangecello, vanilla vodka and tonic water to top it off, shaken with ice. It filled a small wine glass and I sipped it. It somehow got me BUZZED, which was very odd. Maybe I’m just not used to those weekday early afternoon drinks? Maybe today’s lethargy is related.
3.) My ventilation is off kilter and I’m full of metals from the glass. Doubtful, but who knows. That was my last torching session anyway, until the studio is redone. Starting tonight I park in the driveway and start moving everything into the garage for short term storage till the studio is built out.

Yesterday was a nice day off. I messed with glass, finished painting the guest room, made dinner, finished Empire Falls, had the drink of doom, took a short nap, and played with the kitties. Work and relaxation, mixed throughout the day. Now that I finished my book, I have no more fiction around, so it’s time to start using my library card. I plan to go to the farmer’s market on Saturday, and since the library is right next door, I will see what I can borrow to read. In the interim I am rereading the Hitchiker Books, I’m about a quarter into Restaurant at the End of the Universe right now.

I hope the guest room airs out by Sunday for my parents, who are staying with us for a about a week while Dad works on the studio.

It’s almost my birthday.

I want to spend more time sitting in cafes.

Glass has been kicking my ass the past few days. Been trying to do something pretty simple and repeatedly failing. Maybe it’s not so simple. Fellow artists have been encouraging, but it’s frustrating almost a year out to not be able to control the stuff the way I want, in what is a reasonably simple design manner.
Today I did even worse than yesterday, actually burning the stuff with each try. I abandoned the task and fiddled with something else, and figured out how to make terraform beads without relying on a “strange” color that I have only limited supply of. I have six rods of that color left, now, it doesn’t matter, I can make them forever.
I feel vaguely nauseous. Today is my last time with glass for a couple weeks, and maybe that’s a good thing. I will have the ventilation set up better when my Dad is done building my benches. I think I need a mini break to let go of the frustration I feel at skills I am not improving in. I want to do things with multiple colors and layers of colors. Some folks say hey, maybe it’s just not your style, so why fight that, why push it. Because it’s technical. It’s a technical skill to make a bead with stripes on it. I want the skill, I want the mastery of glass needed to do that, and anything else that comes after. So frustrating tho…so very frustrating.
I have today off, my company gave us two days off for the 4th of July. Glass was work more than fun, and now I will finish painting the guest room. Then…it’s relaxing all afternoon, hook or crook. I need to chill out.