Pink Lady

Almost forgot to post here….we found this amazing spider on the roses.

Further research by a friend labels it a Crab Spider. They can slowly change color to match the flower they sit on, and they don’t spin webs…they just sit and wait for dinner. It’s listed as neutral to good guy in terms of garden harm or help.

I certainly have never seen a white spider with pink racing stripes before. She’s so badass!

3 thoughts on “Pink Lady

  1. That is one cool spider :) I have never particularly “liked” spiders (unlike my other half, who thinks they are wonderful), but I do respect how clever they are – their webs are a work of art.

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  3. I have one of these spiders in my flower box. I have never seen anything like it before and it is amazing to watch. It goes in to defense mode as soon as it can see us. We watched it eat an ant today. I am so glad I found a picture of it so I could identify it.

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