*swiff* *thwock*

I am very tired. I had an excellent weekend, but it did not really feel like a weekend. I spent most of Saturday and Sunday helping Dad work on my glass studio. I painted, sanded, drilled holes, put in drawer knobs, and helped hold wood to cut on the saw. It was hot, and Dad is a perfectionist, but it was fun and it is almost done now. It’s in working condition, even, once I move everything back to the studio from the garage. All that really remains is to call a sheet metal company and get the covers for the torch bench and where the kiln(s) live and he will come back by in a week or two and install them. After that we mount the ergo-station for flameworkers and it’s set. Last night we cleaned up the worksite and I moved all the glass rods back, and most of the sheet. I have every color Bullsye makes in rod, but have used VERY little of it until I had a storage system other than keeping it in the boxes I picked them up in.
Dad is really happy with how it turned out, and that makes me happy. And, given today IS my birthday, I got my birthday present right on time! ;)
Saturday we did take a break and went to a driving range. I have not hit a golf ball since my early teens, other than putt putt, and I don’t know if DLJ ever has. But I told Dad I wanted to play on a real course, even if it’s a pitch and putt, whatever. I never have. He, being a golf addict, was delighted, and DLJ wanted to get in on the action, too.
I clearly forgot everything I once knew, and started off way sucky, but by the end I had either relearned or remembered my form (I suspect the latter, I’m not THAT amazing an athlete) well enough to get good form, and even two really good shots off. DLJ did AWESOME for never trying before. Both of us were doing way better than when we started in on the bucket of balls, and Dad was a pretty good teacher, I think. Part of why I asked Dad if we could play a course while we are visiting them on the shore is that I never have had a chance to learn to enjoy golf. As a kid, I just shot balls at the driving range with him, but never got to put it into use anywhere.
Hopefully DLJ can snag a lesson this week before we go stay at the ocean this weekend. Dad says the condo they rented is same as always, nice and the waves are right outside and sound wonderful. We will go down for at least two weekends before they go back to AZ.
A good weekend. But not really feeling like one. I’m pretty tired!
But it’s my birthday today! :)

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