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A recent Duran concert had both “Friends of Mine” AND “Sound of Thunder” AND John and Simon sharing a kiss. My cup would have runneth over and I would have been distracted for days. I can’t remember if I’ve heard “Sound of Thunder” live but I did hear “Friends of Mine” in San Jose once. Good boys, good. Keep the party train rockin’. I suppose I should be envious of all that in one concert…but then I just remember that sunny afternoon with not a single other Duranie around, the smell of Simon’s cologne when I got that awesome hug and conversation in my motorcycle leathers. Purrrrr.

It’s hot. I’m indoors and it’s hot. Not sure why. I need to put my pasta salad in the fridge.

DLJ worked late again last night and I drove out to Portland to meet him and take him back, since he was just tired and not wanting to commute. He works hard, so I don’t mind. Things have to get smoother in the next month or so. They just gotta.

It was super hot so we ate out, but because of the lateness our plan to go to the library was dashed. I need to get my book, and he wanted his library card. Today if he is going to be late I just have to go on my own. I also have to stick around while I fire my project tonight, so maybe I just have to go enroute from work and we can go back later if the kiln is past peak temperature.

I picked up the sheet metal for the benchtops and installed them, Dad will swing by Sunday, I think, to get them placed truly correctly, then we will add the ergo stuff, and the torch will be set and the room will be truly complete in terms of functionality. All that will remain then is the borders for the door/window and patching the light switch by the door. I really miss having the studio working. I have so much to do. So much. I really need to haul ass in August.

Yesterday I bought our Tokyo tickets. The trip seems real now. I guess soon I will start making rough plans and figuring out when the Kyoto trip will be. I am so grateful to our friends who are letting us stay with them; saving so much money and having folks who know the city and speak Japanese. It won’t be so “Lost in Translation” that way.

I have days I’m really tired, tired of being the financial rock. I want to go all squooshy, and I wonder if I will ever have the freedom to. I know you don’t get what you want all the time, and you make your choices. Sometimes the results aren’t seen till later. I have faith that I will not always have to be this way, but at the same time…I don’t trust anything or anyone to make it otherwise. I’ll have to see it to believe it.

*note: My webcam page currently has a small pic of the studio on it. Was showing dad the metal. It’s blurry. Oh well.

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