tick……..bzzzz tick……..bzzzz

The kiln is heating up down there. I can’t resist. It’s so hot out again. No rain. I will have to water the tomatoes again later. I have collard greens cooking with some salt pork on the stove, to go with chicken and leftover pasta salad for dinner. Tonight is a date night. DLJ has been working too hard, and we have been doing our own projects too often. Need some couple time, ifyaknowwhatimean.

Just another day or two and I can post finished studio photos!

2 thoughts on “tick……..bzzzz tick……..bzzzz

  1. Hi “Lunesse”…do you use recycled glass bottles to make lampworked beads? If so, how?….as in, do you cut the bottles up first? Crush them? What?

    Seems a pity to waste all those bottles that go into the recycling if I could figure out how to turn them into beads…

    Barbara (novice lampworker)

  2. Yes, Barbara, I do, and you are on the right track. I smash them. IT’s hard to get a good long cut off a bottle shape, you know? I crush them and make them into rods. It’s time consuming, but it works until I think of another way. You could always try to just smash them into larger pieces and hold those to the flame.

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