No set to it

Just a buncha beads. But I finally got a triangle bead to be even all the way around. Not encased, but pretty all the same (the green one). No set here, but I could build out the blue ones and the green and end up with two sets eventually.

Blues and Greens.

I’d forgotten about the drinks…

Saturday night DLJ and I went out with wuweibaby to a dive bar near Le Happy called Slabtown. A band she knew of had a scoot guy in it, that was the momentum. It’s been awhile since we have gone to a small bar to watch a band, and this was quite fun. When we walked in, a band called The Crunchies was playing. Three guys. And, it ended up, my favorite band of the night. The singer’s movements were unique to him, it reminded me of watching a film like El Mariachi, when the film is speeded up here and there. He could move on a different film speed than all of us in the bar. As it turns out, DLJ wished we had come in a little earlier to see more of them…and also, as it turns out, the singer sat behind me for a lot of the rest of the evening, so I asked him if they were local. Yes. And playing at a bar on Lombard two weeks from now, so the three of us have plans to go see them again, and check out the bar.
The singer was probably more my age than young punk, which I preferred, actually. He also had a fair bit of eye makeup, and we all know how I feel about men in eye makeup. Prrrrowr.
And then he tapped me on the shoulder and offered to buy me a drink. This hasn’t happened in years and it gave me the warm fuzzies for the rest of the night. I clearly need to get out more. I’d forgotten how nice that feels.
The other bands were good, funny, or at least entertaining. We bought wuweibaby an EP by a guy who stood up there with just a guitar and played for awhile. He said his EP’s were from 20 years ago, pop stuff. It was cool he was still up there playing his heart out 20 years later, so we all agreed we wanted to support him. I wonder how many of those old EP’s he has stacked in his home. We got home after 2 am and fell asleep pretty quickly, once I had my after-bar shower. If the smoke is in my hair I just can’t sleep.
It was a nice night out with friends. I’m as open to laziness as the next guy, as busy as I appear to be sometimes. A night out at a local bar just doesn’t happen much these days. I’m glad we had the firefly spark of wuweibaby to get us off our domestic asses after I made dinner for the three of us. Plus she brought half a green olive loaf that is so tasty!

Let’s stop at 3.

It’s Friday. Let’s hope my bad things in threes stays threes and today is a good day. Yesterday I put on all my bicycle gear, checked for the keys, made sure I had the lock, got on the bike, and rode to the grocery store. It was very hot yesterday afternoon, but the ride is around a mile at most, so it was pleasant. At the store, I got off my bike and started rooting around for my key. I couldn’t find it. The chain also has my housekeys on it, and I am often leaving it somewhere and unable to find it when it’s time to leave in the morning. But I had just checked on it before I left, where was it? I couldn’t leave the bike unlocked so back I went to home, where I took everything out of the bag. No keys.
Frustration mounting, I got in the car and drove to the store, going 10 miles an hour on the backstreets as I looked for the keys on the side of the road. Got to the store, turned around and came back, looking again. I had had it. I was about to cry. I went upstairs to tell DLJ in chat what a complete loser I was, couldn’t do anything right this week…and behind the computer on the bed lay the keychain. I dunno. I must have checked for the key and not put it back, but I don’t remember that. So then it was back on the bike, key in the bag, and I finally locked my bike and got my groceries, peddling them back home in my bike messenger bag. By then I was sweating up a storm. I tried not to be pissed, instead blessing my good legs and just seeing it as extra exercise.
On the way to dinner we stopped at the library and I got a book that had been waiting for me on glass beads. I flipped through it last night and was surprised to find it was too beginner for me for the most part. I did pick up about three ideas I had not thought of before, so it was worth borrowing, but …funny. I still think of myself as a beginner in this grand glass adventure. But I’ve outgrown at least one book.
Tonight we are going to a dept. party at a coworker’s house. The trifle is done except for the whipped cream on top, I will do that when I get home so that it’s fresh and doesn’t start separating. Tomorrow is so busy…I don’t think I will get back in the studio until Sunday. But tomorrow maybe I can at least prep a shelf for a new dish or coaster to make next week.

Trifle Therapy

All seems quieter on the marital front today. We had a discussion last night that left me drained, as such discussions often do…we just keep falling in the same hole of not communicating. A lot of what goes wrong wouldn’t if the person angered just went to the other and said “honey, I’m sorry, but yer being a dolt. See? Here’s how we can fix it.”

Afterwards we went shopping. So anti-me, I know, but I wanted a trifle bowl to make a dessert in for a gathering tomorrow. I got some garden lantern stakes at 50% earlier in the week at Kitchen Kaboodle, but they were plumb out of trifle bowls. So we went to the newish mall near work; complete with all the trappings of big box shopping: California Pizza Kitchen, The Container Store Crate and Barrel, Coldwater Creek, ad nauseum. And J Jill coming in November! Whee!

Still, it was a lovely night out and Crate and Barrel had a trifle bowl (made in Poland), so we placed it in the car and got coffee at the Peets. Ten years now since I worked at Peets. It feels like that long, actually, instead of feeling like a blink of an eye. So much between then and now…different state, different job, married, glass…better, overall. But I do have a soft spot for those early days alone in San Francisco.

Horticultural Guy will be in town this weekend, visiting for a convention or something or other. I hope to see his place up in Tacoma when we go up for the Dead Can Dance show in Seattle in Sept. This weekend, we will try for Saturday morning brunch, even though I have GOT to go to the farmer’s market and I have a boxcasting demo to go to at Bullseye later in the day. There’s nothing on deck for Sunday…maybe some fusing or at least some layup for fusing. Starting next week the portfolio, version two, starts coming together. And I have to send of my gift to the winner in the Chinese Auction game I just played in. It took four months to finish the game. I am sending out some stringers, a small dish, some squares of sheet glass, a pendant, and two dental tools if I can remember where I put them all. I have everything but the tools…maybe I should send it along and let the dawdling tools arrive when they decide to surface again.

Ok, there’s this job I do, gotta go do it.

straight from the neck

Yesterday was shitty. Today is even more vividly so (vivid, can you tell I’ve started watching Sixteen Candles on DVD since it arrived two days ago.

Shitty shitty shitty. I’m drinking wine from the bottle.

My feelings are pretty much trampled on by nazi boots with goose shit.

New contest!

There’s a new necklace up for a contest on juiceglass. You don’t have to join the newsletter for it, but the newsletter will have a “members only” contest soon for one of my small square dishes.

Pendants are firing in the kiln. We went to Home Depot and got some hooks for a ladder we got from a neighbor’s garage sale, a new valve for one of the spigots outside, and a fresh propane tank for me. I can be back in the bead biz now. I think I might do one more round of pendants, then back to beads for the weekend, with one more dish next week…or maybe two, depends.

Time to start updating the portfolio, and put these pendants in the store to get the inventory flush for the store opener in Sept.

It’s definitely getting darker earlier.

I added a bunch of books to my library list…I hope one comes in soon, I’m fresh out!

Mod dish

Finished this over the weekend. The standard 4″ x 4″. I have got to get a new mold one of these days! =)
This week, some pendants, maybe an experimental coaster set.

Mod Dish
4″ x 4″


I am exahusted. Saturday at the airshow was fun but very hot and sunny. I spent a lot of time just sitting alone in the shade to keep protected. More on that later. Spruce Goose was fun, home, tried to get good sleep but the in-law parents wanted to leave at 5:15 for the airport. In the morning. So we all went, DLJ and I and his sis staying out the rest of the day until taking her back for her flight in the late afternoon. All three of us were zombies. The fact his parents can fly free is terrific, the fact it somehow always turns out that DLJ or all of us are up before 6, and in the past, before 4, even, is not terrific. I love their visits but the timing often weakens me. They arrived Friday during the morning, which we learned of Thursday night, so I had no time Friday after work to clean or get the last of my desired errands done.
I got in bed at ten and had maybe been sleeping for 20 minutes when DLJ came in at 11, (he had said he’d be up soon), turned on the light and read in bed till 11:20. I was up past midnight as a result. I am still very tired, and now unhappy on top of it all. Lack of sleep does not a happy Luny make. He has to start using his itty bitty booklight, or something. Yes, I go to bed earlier. I want more sleep, I need more sleep. Does that mean I don’t deserve to get it? Feels that way sometimes, especially on days where we are ALL tired.

More later, I guess. Sunday was a lot of fun, even though all of us felt like just laying down on the ground and taking a nap. Grumpy right now.

no propane no cry

Yesterday time flew by in the studio, and I was forced to quit as the flame got smaller and smaller and within five minutes…pooof. All gone. I had emptied my tank of propane. Now I can take the empty back to the store and refill, finally enjoying the refill price instead of the inital purchase price. But I’m not sure when I will manage to do that; tonight hopefully I will see wuweibaby, DLJ and I need to clean and stuff, and his folks show up tomorrow. His sister is arriving very late…maybe they will arrive in the early evening, giving me time t shoot over there after work. I need to slump my dish anyway, and really, I should make some pendants with all my scraps. Or try my little creative piece that popped into my head last week. Or try that new idea I thought about two weeks ago. What was that I was saying about a list?
My parents’ offer was accepted. There was a counteroffer by the sellers, not for price but for pushing out the settlement date, which is fine with my parents, as they are going to be galavanting around Asia on a cruise ship soon and weren’t intending to come visit us again for awhile. Dad agreed, and faxed that back, and the realtor faxed back the ok. Then the realtor said another offer was coming in, but all that other paperwork was done…so they should be locked in and set. Mom is coming out Friday to check it out, but with DLJ’s in-laws here, I might not even see her. I’d love to see the condo, but again, we’ve got other plans. Anyway, I hope it goes smoothly for them. It’s in a great location, and a nice building. I know this because it’s in the same building they were just staying at for four weeks! Every year there is an annual glass festival in a town 15 minutes down the coast, and it will be nice to have a home base for that without having to find a hotel or whatever. Or for all the lovely classes they have there throughout the year. I wasn’t intending to go this year anyway, but next year, if all goes well, I will be there. But mostly, I am just thrilled I will see my parents more. It just makes it easier, they don’t have to plan for a place to stay (if they weren’t wanting to stay with us all the time) and I just really am looking forward to having that time. There’s only so much time on earth, as I am being reminded of lately by many friends who are losing/have lost a parent. The more time I can share with mine, the better.