I am exahusted. Saturday at the airshow was fun but very hot and sunny. I spent a lot of time just sitting alone in the shade to keep protected. More on that later. Spruce Goose was fun, home, tried to get good sleep but the in-law parents wanted to leave at 5:15 for the airport. In the morning. So we all went, DLJ and I and his sis staying out the rest of the day until taking her back for her flight in the late afternoon. All three of us were zombies. The fact his parents can fly free is terrific, the fact it somehow always turns out that DLJ or all of us are up before 6, and in the past, before 4, even, is not terrific. I love their visits but the timing often weakens me. They arrived Friday during the morning, which we learned of Thursday night, so I had no time Friday after work to clean or get the last of my desired errands done.
I got in bed at ten and had maybe been sleeping for 20 minutes when DLJ came in at 11, (he had said he’d be up soon), turned on the light and read in bed till 11:20. I was up past midnight as a result. I am still very tired, and now unhappy on top of it all. Lack of sleep does not a happy Luny make. He has to start using his itty bitty booklight, or something. Yes, I go to bed earlier. I want more sleep, I need more sleep. Does that mean I don’t deserve to get it? Feels that way sometimes, especially on days where we are ALL tired.

More later, I guess. Sunday was a lot of fun, even though all of us felt like just laying down on the ground and taking a nap. Grumpy right now.

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  1. I usually go into the living room to read until I’m tired enough to go to sleep so I don’t disturb the hubby who has to get up early the next morning. Perhaps you can ask your husband to be a little more accommodating so that you can get the sleep you need and he can get the reading he’d like done.

  2. I’m going to put batteries in his itty bitty book light and leave it on the bed. I think we should just talk and make a ground rule, reading in bed is great until someone is trying to sleep, whomever that is. I just don’t want him to get defensive or think I’m being a nag…I’m usually the one going to bed first.
    You are right, talking is good.

  3. I always find myself being the one that fits in with what W wants – when she’s finished reading I switch off my light… that kind of thing. I guess that’s just me though :)

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