Ah, Tuesday morning.

I’m going to change the way I think of morning. Instead of when I wake up being the beginning of my day, I am going to think of it beginning when I turn out the light the night before. Sleeping as the beginning of my next shift in the factory of life, not the end, nor the long smoke break.

I’m just curious if my outlook will change at all, or my behavior. I have been trying to get more sleep and it has worked to a degree, but DLJ does not like to go to bed so early, and then comes in and turns on lights and things when he’s ready for bed. It’s not the most conducive situation to my increased sleep, but…that’s marriage!

My sunglasses broke last week. They fell off my head in Costco and split right in the middle when they hit the floor. Sad. I am using old ones of DLJ’s while I decide what to do. I buy good sunglasses to protect my eyes, sunglasses are one of the rare things that I spend money on to get a higher tier product. I love my Serengetis, I guess I will do it one more time. But I will save up for a month or two first.

Mom and Dad are still at the coast, but will leave this weekend. I probably won’t see them again unless we decide to go to the coast and use the condo the last weekend after they leave. Tempting, but with DLJ’s parents coming to stay with us next weekend…we probably should catch up on house projects and things this weekend. Either way, it’s funny that the next time I see my parents will be in Japan. =)

I don’t have much new to share. Work continues. If my life was how it used to be, I’d have started looking for a new full-time web job by now. But I’m not looking for that. Smaller jobs I will start searching for when the end is very near for this current contract. But if I look too early, I won’t have time for what I find anyway, so I wait. I’m still feeling ok about that…but that’s cause I have more than two months to go. It will be interesting as I get closer. I think FleeTheHive will be getting a lot more play by play the closer I get!

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