Domestic Listing

Last night I went out and torched for a couple hours. Everything seemed to be working fine, though I still think I will install some baffles on the back and sides of the hood. Better safe than sorry.

Tonight I will either make a few more or put some necklaces together. It depends how into the 90’s it gets today, and if I get the fridge cleaned out in good time and dinner isn’t late. I will probably end up just making some pieces.

We watered plants with abandon on the treated deck yesterday, after the 72 hour mark and the water is beading up nicely. I planted a small mint in a container and a hummingbird plant next to the deck. I’d love to move our hydrangeas somewhere else, they really do better in the shade, but there’s not much shade left next to the house, and the shady area where the ivy is still being battled is slotted to be something else. Hm. Still, maybe they can move over there once we make the small patio area.

A friend and fellow glassie type from the Bay Area is up here this weekend, but we will be at the coast. Just not enough hours in a day…

Today’s goal is to get to Costco to get another giant bag of coffee. At this point, one more should last me until my contract here runs out at the beginning of November. =)

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