exploding ideas, and a dental afternoon

I like my job but man, do I have glass on the brain. I haven’t lampworked in about a week and a half, I’ve been fusing instead, so I think I might torch tonight, but meanwhile, I used my grinder for the first time and now I have another idea for things I want to do with fusing…I need to keep a list of future projects at this point, so I don’t forget anything I want to do! The in-laws are visiting this weekend so no glass for me probably, unless I can sneak a few beads in the name of “showing how it’s done” if anyone is interested. Now that I have two pairs of lampwork glasses in the studio, a buddy can come along and watch safely.
So many things to do and try. I love glass! I love it! LOVE IT! Right now I have one piece that needs to be slumped, which I will do tonight if I do not torch, or tomorrow if I do. One more piece is actually at a friend’s house, she has a larger kiln to slump it in, I don’t have a mold large enough for it. I have some bracelets for friends and one for my Mom and one to make to take to Japan and…dizzying!
I spent a couple hours at the dentist yesterday, I had two tiny cavities that would be a snap to fix, literally the size of a pin tip, except they were between two teeth, and hard to get to, so novocaine it was. My dentist was great, though, I didn’t feel a THING. Not even the shot. “Wow, my dentist when I was 12 must have sucked!” I said, and he laughed. I watched Househunters and Curb Appeal while he quick drilled, filled, and polished. The reason it took so long is I was also there for my semi-annual cleaning, and he had to let one filling dry before doing the other since they were right next to each other. I had trouble saying the letter “p” for awhile, and eating was interesting. But now my teeth are clean and I’ll try to floss better.
Mom and Dad made an offer on a condo near us here in Oregon. We shall see how that goes. I would love for them to have a home base near us to visit at without having to rent. Wouldn’t you know it, they are here looking for five weeks, then within 3 days after leaving, one comes on the market.
I have got to bring my books back to the library. But I want to torch tonight. Whine! Maybe after dinner, as dinner will be quick to make, spaghetti. Last night was marinated fish with rice and veggies. What I should have done is brought my books with me today to stop on the way home. Oh, wait, tomorrow I might be busy, so I have to torch tonight, otherwise none till next week!
So busy! I am looking forward to the family coming, DLJ’s Mom and Dad, and his sister. She will come late on Friday, as she will have to work a full day. The Simpsons are harsh task masters.

2 thoughts on “exploding ideas, and a dental afternoon

  1. You moved to Oregon??! I was going to look you up in San Fran next week- ah well.


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