I’d forgotten about the drinks…

Saturday night DLJ and I went out with wuweibaby to a dive bar near Le Happy called Slabtown. A band she knew of had a scoot guy in it, that was the momentum. It’s been awhile since we have gone to a small bar to watch a band, and this was quite fun. When we walked in, a band called The Crunchies was playing. Three guys. And, it ended up, my favorite band of the night. The singer’s movements were unique to him, it reminded me of watching a film like El Mariachi, when the film is speeded up here and there. He could move on a different film speed than all of us in the bar. As it turns out, DLJ wished we had come in a little earlier to see more of them…and also, as it turns out, the singer sat behind me for a lot of the rest of the evening, so I asked him if they were local. Yes. And playing at a bar on Lombard two weeks from now, so the three of us have plans to go see them again, and check out the bar.
The singer was probably more my age than young punk, which I preferred, actually. He also had a fair bit of eye makeup, and we all know how I feel about men in eye makeup. Prrrrowr.
And then he tapped me on the shoulder and offered to buy me a drink. This hasn’t happened in years and it gave me the warm fuzzies for the rest of the night. I clearly need to get out more. I’d forgotten how nice that feels.
The other bands were good, funny, or at least entertaining. We bought wuweibaby an EP by a guy who stood up there with just a guitar and played for awhile. He said his EP’s were from 20 years ago, pop stuff. It was cool he was still up there playing his heart out 20 years later, so we all agreed we wanted to support him. I wonder how many of those old EP’s he has stacked in his home. We got home after 2 am and fell asleep pretty quickly, once I had my after-bar shower. If the smoke is in my hair I just can’t sleep.
It was a nice night out with friends. I’m as open to laziness as the next guy, as busy as I appear to be sometimes. A night out at a local bar just doesn’t happen much these days. I’m glad we had the firefly spark of wuweibaby to get us off our domestic asses after I made dinner for the three of us. Plus she brought half a green olive loaf that is so tasty!

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