Let’s stop at 3.

It’s Friday. Let’s hope my bad things in threes stays threes and today is a good day. Yesterday I put on all my bicycle gear, checked for the keys, made sure I had the lock, got on the bike, and rode to the grocery store. It was very hot yesterday afternoon, but the ride is around a mile at most, so it was pleasant. At the store, I got off my bike and started rooting around for my key. I couldn’t find it. The chain also has my housekeys on it, and I am often leaving it somewhere and unable to find it when it’s time to leave in the morning. But I had just checked on it before I left, where was it? I couldn’t leave the bike unlocked so back I went to home, where I took everything out of the bag. No keys.
Frustration mounting, I got in the car and drove to the store, going 10 miles an hour on the backstreets as I looked for the keys on the side of the road. Got to the store, turned around and came back, looking again. I had had it. I was about to cry. I went upstairs to tell DLJ in chat what a complete loser I was, couldn’t do anything right this week…and behind the computer on the bed lay the keychain. I dunno. I must have checked for the key and not put it back, but I don’t remember that. So then it was back on the bike, key in the bag, and I finally locked my bike and got my groceries, peddling them back home in my bike messenger bag. By then I was sweating up a storm. I tried not to be pissed, instead blessing my good legs and just seeing it as extra exercise.
On the way to dinner we stopped at the library and I got a book that had been waiting for me on glass beads. I flipped through it last night and was surprised to find it was too beginner for me for the most part. I did pick up about three ideas I had not thought of before, so it was worth borrowing, but …funny. I still think of myself as a beginner in this grand glass adventure. But I’ve outgrown at least one book.
Tonight we are going to a dept. party at a coworker’s house. The trifle is done except for the whipped cream on top, I will do that when I get home so that it’s fresh and doesn’t start separating. Tomorrow is so busy…I don’t think I will get back in the studio until Sunday. But tomorrow maybe I can at least prep a shelf for a new dish or coaster to make next week.

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