Mod dish

Finished this over the weekend. The standard 4″ x 4″. I have got to get a new mold one of these days! =)
This week, some pendants, maybe an experimental coaster set.

Mod Dish
4″ x 4″

6 thoughts on “Mod dish

  1. That is a great color combination, very very nice! (and lots of other adjectives too)

    Is that mold flat on the bottom and just curl up at the corners, or is there a ‘bump’ on the bottom, raised from underneath. (wow, terrible job verbally describing what i am saying, sorry)

  2. Tiki, might take me some time but you know….I can start crankin’ ‘em out for ya.

    Fred, no bump on the bottom, just flat and raised on the sides. It looks like one, I think that’s the clear square in the middle being extra shiny making it appear like a bump. =)

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