New contest!

There’s a new necklace up for a contest on juiceglass. You don’t have to join the newsletter for it, but the newsletter will have a “members only” contest soon for one of my small square dishes.

Pendants are firing in the kiln. We went to Home Depot and got some hooks for a ladder we got from a neighbor’s garage sale, a new valve for one of the spigots outside, and a fresh propane tank for me. I can be back in the bead biz now. I think I might do one more round of pendants, then back to beads for the weekend, with one more dish next week…or maybe two, depends.

Time to start updating the portfolio, and put these pendants in the store to get the inventory flush for the store opener in Sept.

It’s definitely getting darker earlier.

I added a bunch of books to my library list…I hope one comes in soon, I’m fresh out!

2 thoughts on “New contest!

  1. I made beaded jewelry but am in awe of your beads… The glass is amazing. Look forward to seeing more creations. The photo gallery is awesome.

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