no propane no cry

Yesterday time flew by in the studio, and I was forced to quit as the flame got smaller and smaller and within five minutes…pooof. All gone. I had emptied my tank of propane. Now I can take the empty back to the store and refill, finally enjoying the refill price instead of the inital purchase price. But I’m not sure when I will manage to do that; tonight hopefully I will see wuweibaby, DLJ and I need to clean and stuff, and his folks show up tomorrow. His sister is arriving very late…maybe they will arrive in the early evening, giving me time t shoot over there after work. I need to slump my dish anyway, and really, I should make some pendants with all my scraps. Or try my little creative piece that popped into my head last week. Or try that new idea I thought about two weeks ago. What was that I was saying about a list?
My parents’ offer was accepted. There was a counteroffer by the sellers, not for price but for pushing out the settlement date, which is fine with my parents, as they are going to be galavanting around Asia on a cruise ship soon and weren’t intending to come visit us again for awhile. Dad agreed, and faxed that back, and the realtor faxed back the ok. Then the realtor said another offer was coming in, but all that other paperwork was done…so they should be locked in and set. Mom is coming out Friday to check it out, but with DLJ’s in-laws here, I might not even see her. I’d love to see the condo, but again, we’ve got other plans. Anyway, I hope it goes smoothly for them. It’s in a great location, and a nice building. I know this because it’s in the same building they were just staying at for four weeks! Every year there is an annual glass festival in a town 15 minutes down the coast, and it will be nice to have a home base for that without having to find a hotel or whatever. Or for all the lovely classes they have there throughout the year. I wasn’t intending to go this year anyway, but next year, if all goes well, I will be there. But mostly, I am just thrilled I will see my parents more. It just makes it easier, they don’t have to plan for a place to stay (if they weren’t wanting to stay with us all the time) and I just really am looking forward to having that time. There’s only so much time on earth, as I am being reminded of lately by many friends who are losing/have lost a parent. The more time I can share with mine, the better.

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