exploding ideas, and a dental afternoon

I like my job but man, do I have glass on the brain. I haven’t lampworked in about a week and a half, I’ve been fusing instead, so I think I might torch tonight, but meanwhile, I used my grinder for the first time and now I have another idea for things I want to do with fusing…I need to keep a list of future projects at this point, so I don’t forget anything I want to do! The in-laws are visiting this weekend so no glass for me probably, unless I can sneak a few beads in the name of “showing how it’s done” if anyone is interested. Now that I have two pairs of lampwork glasses in the studio, a buddy can come along and watch safely.
So many things to do and try. I love glass! I love it! LOVE IT! Right now I have one piece that needs to be slumped, which I will do tonight if I do not torch, or tomorrow if I do. One more piece is actually at a friend’s house, she has a larger kiln to slump it in, I don’t have a mold large enough for it. I have some bracelets for friends and one for my Mom and one to make to take to Japan and…dizzying!
I spent a couple hours at the dentist yesterday, I had two tiny cavities that would be a snap to fix, literally the size of a pin tip, except they were between two teeth, and hard to get to, so novocaine it was. My dentist was great, though, I didn’t feel a THING. Not even the shot. “Wow, my dentist when I was 12 must have sucked!” I said, and he laughed. I watched Househunters and Curb Appeal while he quick drilled, filled, and polished. The reason it took so long is I was also there for my semi-annual cleaning, and he had to let one filling dry before doing the other since they were right next to each other. I had trouble saying the letter “p” for awhile, and eating was interesting. But now my teeth are clean and I’ll try to floss better.
Mom and Dad made an offer on a condo near us here in Oregon. We shall see how that goes. I would love for them to have a home base near us to visit at without having to rent. Wouldn’t you know it, they are here looking for five weeks, then within 3 days after leaving, one comes on the market.
I have got to bring my books back to the library. But I want to torch tonight. Whine! Maybe after dinner, as dinner will be quick to make, spaghetti. Last night was marinated fish with rice and veggies. What I should have done is brought my books with me today to stop on the way home. Oh, wait, tomorrow I might be busy, so I have to torch tonight, otherwise none till next week!
So busy! I am looking forward to the family coming, DLJ’s Mom and Dad, and his sister. She will come late on Friday, as she will have to work a full day. The Simpsons are harsh task masters.

Punchy irritation

Home. The plumber is going to show up around 8:15, so here I sit. I suppose it’s nice to be up and not commuting. I have a dentist appointment on the other side of the workday, so it’s guffed up my schedule nicely to have to sit here and wait to see how much ass-reaming our bank account gets to fix this leak.
Knowing this was coming I kept working yesterday so I worked from 5:30 am to 3:30 pm. Add an extra hour later in the week or two, and it will all come out even.
I wish I had glass to show you, but since I have been focusing on fusing, things take a lot longer. I should by the weekend at the latest. I used my grinder last night for the first time. Woohoo! I love it! A whole new world has opened. I woke up with an idea for something that will take many days to make, but might be fun and get me going on my grinding skills. But I have to finish off my free piece to my newsletter members this weekend and have it posted by Monday. That is my goal.
I feel better today. Yesterday just felt crappy all over. I tried VERY hard not to take it out on DLJ and he was very sweet. Slow, patience, compassion, for both me and him. I was over it by the time I was in bed, I think I just needed space to cool off.
I finished The Time Traveler’s Wife last night in tears. It might have been my punchy mood, but it’s been a loooooong time since a book made me cry. Very impressive read. I enjoyed it a lot. Now I have two books I can take back to the library, I don’t know if I have time today but I can swing by tomorrow after visiting with wuweibaby.
Well, I should go eat some granola and get some socks and shoes on before the plumber arrives.

Sunday screwing!

Read my book on the deck once the shadow passed over the bench (screw you, television!)
Transported wheelbarrows-full of mulch to the back to dump over the plastic placed over the ivy in 90+ degree weather (screw you, cancelled gym membership!)
Took a quick, cool shower and laid on the bed under the slowly rotating ceiling fan, evaporating, with a glass of ice water (screw you, AC we don’t need to buy!)
Watched the bats chase down bugs at dusk (screw you, pesticides!)
Called the plumber to look at the leak in our water line to the house (we’re screwed!)
Going to bed early, as I must get to work by around 5:50 AM, blissfully tired from labor and ready to dream soon (screw you, sleep aids!)



Ah, Tuesday morning.

I’m going to change the way I think of morning. Instead of when I wake up being the beginning of my day, I am going to think of it beginning when I turn out the light the night before. Sleeping as the beginning of my next shift in the factory of life, not the end, nor the long smoke break.

I’m just curious if my outlook will change at all, or my behavior. I have been trying to get more sleep and it has worked to a degree, but DLJ does not like to go to bed so early, and then comes in and turns on lights and things when he’s ready for bed. It’s not the most conducive situation to my increased sleep, but…that’s marriage!

My sunglasses broke last week. They fell off my head in Costco and split right in the middle when they hit the floor. Sad. I am using old ones of DLJ’s while I decide what to do. I buy good sunglasses to protect my eyes, sunglasses are one of the rare things that I spend money on to get a higher tier product. I love my Serengetis, I guess I will do it one more time. But I will save up for a month or two first.

Mom and Dad are still at the coast, but will leave this weekend. I probably won’t see them again unless we decide to go to the coast and use the condo the last weekend after they leave. Tempting, but with DLJ’s parents coming to stay with us next weekend…we probably should catch up on house projects and things this weekend. Either way, it’s funny that the next time I see my parents will be in Japan. =)

I don’t have much new to share. Work continues. If my life was how it used to be, I’d have started looking for a new full-time web job by now. But I’m not looking for that. Smaller jobs I will start searching for when the end is very near for this current contract. But if I look too early, I won’t have time for what I find anyway, so I wait. I’m still feeling ok about that…but that’s cause I have more than two months to go. It will be interesting as I get closer. I think FleeTheHive will be getting a lot more play by play the closer I get!

Star Bright

Here’s the last piece o’ glass till next week when I can get in there and start churning out some more goodies. This was my first attempt at making a star. Yes, it only has four arms. I took an easy route for the first one. Not bad for a first attempt.

Blue Star

Today I leave work a little early and go home and pack for the coast, and off we will go. Activities this weekend will include golf, hiking, visiting a few bead stores with Mom, and hopefully some reading/relaxing. I finished The Kite Runner so I can give it back to her.

It’s going to be HOT again today, so I watered everyone this morning. I will try to squeeze in a little more since we will be gone all weekend. It will be the last time I see my parents while they are here, even though they aren’t leaving till next weekend. Then, the weekend after that, DLJ’s parents will be in town, staying with us. The weekend after that I’ve got a company party at a coworkers house to go to, which will be fun. And then, whoosh! It’s September! Three weeks and then it’s off to Japan…where we will see my parents again.

Whirlwind! For now…I’m just going to try to get a cup of coffee made.

Una Mas

Pink Line

No more glass fun till next week, since we are going out to the coast tomorrow. Next week I need to do some fusing, primarily, and maybe one night of torching.

I keep yawning. DLJ wants to go see a movie on top of a parking garage tonight, and I’m game, but I can’t swear I won’t fall asleep. I’m feeling quite lazy.

Domestic Listing

Last night I went out and torched for a couple hours. Everything seemed to be working fine, though I still think I will install some baffles on the back and sides of the hood. Better safe than sorry.

Tonight I will either make a few more or put some necklaces together. It depends how into the 90’s it gets today, and if I get the fridge cleaned out in good time and dinner isn’t late. I will probably end up just making some pieces.

We watered plants with abandon on the treated deck yesterday, after the 72 hour mark and the water is beading up nicely. I planted a small mint in a container and a hummingbird plant next to the deck. I’d love to move our hydrangeas somewhere else, they really do better in the shade, but there’s not much shade left next to the house, and the shady area where the ivy is still being battled is slotted to be something else. Hm. Still, maybe they can move over there once we make the small patio area.

A friend and fellow glassie type from the Bay Area is up here this weekend, but we will be at the coast. Just not enough hours in a day…

Today’s goal is to get to Costco to get another giant bag of coffee. At this point, one more should last me until my contract here runs out at the beginning of November. =)

Weekend Wrap-Up.

So far behind on reading about my friends lives. Maybe at lunch I will catch up.
My parents are at our house again, leaving today to go check out Hood River and waterfalls and the Gorge, in general. It was good to see them again. I know I will feel sad after next weekend, when they will go back to Arizona.

I’ve been independent in my life, but I am aware how much time I miss with them just by not living near them. We are all finite beings; I guess with a lot of the soul-searching type thinking I have been doing lately, it’s not suprising to feel bummed about how little I see them every year. A lot of my family does live all together, and they still all have to work, etc., but they have much more time together. My freedom came with a cost. So I love that they come to Oregon for a month every year now. I hope it continues or increases as time goes on.

Saturday evening was a fun party with friends, at SoulfulSpirit’s birthday. It was a pleasant relaxation time after treating the deck. Yesterday DLJ put the planters back around it and on it, making pathways and seating areas in a whole new way, one that will encourage groups and give us different areas to go to when home by ourselves. He used plants and pots to direct traffic, in essence, it’s pretty interesting.

Mom and I stopped by Bullseye so I could get a specialty rod color I was out of, and returned home. I made a couple beads for my parents to see how I use the studio Dad built. It is truly finished now, I have to learn how to use my ergo setup, it was clear last night that it will be an adjustment to have my elbows somewhere new!

Last night we ate out with my parents at PF Chang’s, where DLJ and I have never been. It was very good. I got to sleep a little late and will try to make up for that tonight! I finished Norwegian Wood and started reading The Kite Runner, which so far is very excellent.