Star Bright

Here’s the last piece o’ glass till next week when I can get in there and start churning out some more goodies. This was my first attempt at making a star. Yes, it only has four arms. I took an easy route for the first one. Not bad for a first attempt.

Blue Star

Today I leave work a little early and go home and pack for the coast, and off we will go. Activities this weekend will include golf, hiking, visiting a few bead stores with Mom, and hopefully some reading/relaxing. I finished The Kite Runner so I can give it back to her.

It’s going to be HOT again today, so I watered everyone this morning. I will try to squeeze in a little more since we will be gone all weekend. It will be the last time I see my parents while they are here, even though they aren’t leaving till next weekend. Then, the weekend after that, DLJ’s parents will be in town, staying with us. The weekend after that I’ve got a company party at a coworkers house to go to, which will be fun. And then, whoosh! It’s September! Three weeks and then it’s off to Japan…where we will see my parents again.

Whirlwind! For now…I’m just going to try to get a cup of coffee made.

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