Trifle Therapy

All seems quieter on the marital front today. We had a discussion last night that left me drained, as such discussions often do…we just keep falling in the same hole of not communicating. A lot of what goes wrong wouldn’t if the person angered just went to the other and said “honey, I’m sorry, but yer being a dolt. See? Here’s how we can fix it.”

Afterwards we went shopping. So anti-me, I know, but I wanted a trifle bowl to make a dessert in for a gathering tomorrow. I got some garden lantern stakes at 50% earlier in the week at Kitchen Kaboodle, but they were plumb out of trifle bowls. So we went to the newish mall near work; complete with all the trappings of big box shopping: California Pizza Kitchen, The Container Store Crate and Barrel, Coldwater Creek, ad nauseum. And J Jill coming in November! Whee!

Still, it was a lovely night out and Crate and Barrel had a trifle bowl (made in Poland), so we placed it in the car and got coffee at the Peets. Ten years now since I worked at Peets. It feels like that long, actually, instead of feeling like a blink of an eye. So much between then and now…different state, different job, married, glass…better, overall. But I do have a soft spot for those early days alone in San Francisco.

Horticultural Guy will be in town this weekend, visiting for a convention or something or other. I hope to see his place up in Tacoma when we go up for the Dead Can Dance show in Seattle in Sept. This weekend, we will try for Saturday morning brunch, even though I have GOT to go to the farmer’s market and I have a boxcasting demo to go to at Bullseye later in the day. There’s nothing on deck for Sunday…maybe some fusing or at least some layup for fusing. Starting next week the portfolio, version two, starts coming together. And I have to send of my gift to the winner in the Chinese Auction game I just played in. It took four months to finish the game. I am sending out some stringers, a small dish, some squares of sheet glass, a pendant, and two dental tools if I can remember where I put them all. I have everything but the tools…maybe I should send it along and let the dawdling tools arrive when they decide to surface again.

Ok, there’s this job I do, gotta go do it.

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