Weekend Wrap-Up.

So far behind on reading about my friends lives. Maybe at lunch I will catch up.
My parents are at our house again, leaving today to go check out Hood River and waterfalls and the Gorge, in general. It was good to see them again. I know I will feel sad after next weekend, when they will go back to Arizona.

I’ve been independent in my life, but I am aware how much time I miss with them just by not living near them. We are all finite beings; I guess with a lot of the soul-searching type thinking I have been doing lately, it’s not suprising to feel bummed about how little I see them every year. A lot of my family does live all together, and they still all have to work, etc., but they have much more time together. My freedom came with a cost. So I love that they come to Oregon for a month every year now. I hope it continues or increases as time goes on.

Saturday evening was a fun party with friends, at SoulfulSpirit’s birthday. It was a pleasant relaxation time after treating the deck. Yesterday DLJ put the planters back around it and on it, making pathways and seating areas in a whole new way, one that will encourage groups and give us different areas to go to when home by ourselves. He used plants and pots to direct traffic, in essence, it’s pretty interesting.

Mom and I stopped by Bullseye so I could get a specialty rod color I was out of, and returned home. I made a couple beads for my parents to see how I use the studio Dad built. It is truly finished now, I have to learn how to use my ergo setup, it was clear last night that it will be an adjustment to have my elbows somewhere new!

Last night we ate out with my parents at PF Chang’s, where DLJ and I have never been. It was very good. I got to sleep a little late and will try to make up for that tonight! I finished Norwegian Wood and started reading The Kite Runner, which so far is very excellent.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up.

  1. I just have to tell you that I would be commenting more often probably, but ever since you switched to this new RSS thing it’s not as easy for me to reply. I use Thunderbird to subscribe to the LJ RSS and there’s a reply option there. On yours there’s just the text.

    However, in figuring out how to write you this comment about me not writing comments, I found out a fairly easy way to comment. So now my comment is invalid. But it would seem odd to celebrate figuring out how to write a comment by not writing a comment. So here’s my comment.

    p.s. OK, it’s not so easy.I hae to fill out this required info.

  2. Oh, I actually do have a real comment. I know how you feel about your family, I’m in a similar situation. Both my sisters moved up to Maine, where my parents grew up, and my parents followed them when they retired. My brother is still in NH, about 4 hours away. But here in VT we’re at least 7 hours away. I hate how rarely we get to see them. But I can’t imagine moving somewhere I don’t really want to live just for that. It’s the modern American dilemma I guess.

  3. Wow. I’m not a huge expert at rss, but I think I followed that. ;) You can comment here or in the LJ, this is my “main” journal for the most part.

    Glad to see you! I agree, I wouldn’t want to live somewhere just for the connection to family if I didn’t like the place…but still…family is family. It’s a toughie.

    Once you fill out a comment here it can remember it for you, and you never have to fill it out again. =)

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