24 hour night

Yahoo, it’s Friday. What I would really like is a 24 hour nighttime so I can just sleep, sleep, sleep. I haven’t slept well the past three nights, either due to insomnia, sleeping funny so that my neck hurts and having anxiety type dreams, or just not getting to sleep early enough.
I almost took a nap yesterday afternoon before DLJ came home, but didn’t manage to float off in time. We went out for dinner at a local pizza place that has a “small” salad as big as a meal. DLJ didn’t finish his small pizza so the last slice is mine for lunch today.
Tomorrow is very busy. I must finish a necklace and send it off to England. The beads are now all done and I’ve started the wirework, must continue that tonight. I have to get the car tested at DEQ and then registered. Party in the afternoon, then going to see Crunchie play at Porky’s. Don’t know yet if wuweibaby is coming along, I hope so!
Saturday, God I hope to sleep and read and do some housecleaning and that’s it.
Tonight I will probably fire a dish while I finish up on the necklace. I need a new screen for my door, the bugs fly in and like the heat of the torch and die like mini kamakazis. It’s distracting and they land on me sometimes. I can probably improve what I’ve got by buying more velcro for it. I guess I will try that first.
2 weeks from now we will be on a plane to Tokyo. Most of the flying will be on the 24th, our 5th wedding anniversary. I wonder if we can finagle anything out of the airline…probably not. ;)

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