Rabbit Rabbit.

Yesterday was a flurry of activity. I’ve had a crash crunch job at work, redoing a nav bar in 48 hours. Sigh. I did it, cause I’m awesome, but it was a quick, hack job. All I had time for. I am not satisfied with the results, but that’s what you get when you demand a design overhaul in 48 hours.

After that, it was off to the mawl. I am not a clothes shopper. I tried earlier this year and found nothing I liked. Mom finally said “Get three pairs of pants already! I’ll pay for it!” So I grudgingly went back yesterday, since some of the stores were having a big one-day sale before Labor Day Weekend.

I emerged an hour later with the three pairs of pants and one light sweater. They double charged me for the sweater, as if I had bought two, so I have to go back today and fix that. Joy. Back at the mawl.

So I have my nice pants now for work and Japan, and I got all of them on huge sale, which is nice. It’s been about 1.5 years since I bought clothes. I really am missing the female clothes shopping gene.

Home and a quick dinner with DLJ then I descended into the studio and had a great session. I wish I could show ya, but I can’t till tomorrow after I remove them from the mandrels and clean the up. But it went really well and I have improved. Someone said that you often do the worst right before you learn something, it’s worth hanging in there. Me, I managed to make triangle beads successfully, and I learned a lot more about my terraforms – how they work and how to coax the blues out of the greens.

I might sneak back in tonight, tho I still need to go to the library and the post office after work, as well as back to the store.

Filled the bike tank with gas yesterday, $2.62. It’s $2.64 today at the same station. My commute is not very long and DLJ’s is 2 miles each way, so we should be able to weather any future gasoline crisis reasonably well. After November I will be at home unless something happens here at work, or if I manage to snag a glass job I can take public trans like DLJ, so nothing in the near future will increase the gas situation for us, and most likely, it will be lessened. Just as well. I’m sure I use more than my fair share in the world anyway. Using less is never a bad thing.

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  1. Hmmf. Do you have ANY idea how much petrol/gas costs in the UK? Getting on for 300% more than in the US. And you’re moaning about a couple of cents… haha

  2. I wasn’t moaning, actually. Commenting. I actually think it’s a good thing overall, if it forces people to use less. Of course, if the price goes down most of them will go back to their old ways, sadly.

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