Gah! Coughing attack!
Is it Friday yet?
I’m really looking forward to the next couple weeks. This Friday we leave and finally make our way north to Seattle. It’s only been two years that we have lived here and haven’t made it north. We are staying with an old coworker of mine from my last job in CA, she is very kind and letting us crash. I have no idea what we are doing Saturday during the day, but Saturday night…mmmm Dead Can Dance in concert! I never thought they’d come back together, but they did! Yay!
Sunday I hope we get to see my old friend Horticultural Guy. He was in town a few weeks ago and we had brunch, and he offered to give us a marionberry vine for our home. I need to call him and see if it makes sense for us to swing by his place as we start on our way back home.
Then, next week, packing, packing and before you know it, spending our 5th anniversary on a plane Tokyo bound. The Dr.’s office called and put thru my prescription for night-night pills. It’s really going to play hell with my jet lag if I take them, but I know I can’t just fall asleep…I will probably take one really early on, get it out of the way. I’d love to sleep the whole time and just not be present for the flight, but then readjusting my time schedule won’t work out very well.
I’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner, pasta with my favorite from scratch sauce, but this time with our own tomatoes.
We’ve been using the downstairs bathroom for showers this week. DLJ, who impresses me more everyday with all the “around the house” stuff he can do, redid the pipes in the master bathroom for the shower. They were old and ucky and the insides looked like arteries primed for causing a heart attack. Now there’s new, smooth copper piping in there. We need to put the wall back up, patch it, and repaint the bathroom. Until then, it’s downstairs we go, which is fine. I rarely use that bathroom normally, so it’s nice to make use of it.
Glass stuff:
Today I will go to Bullseye to pick up some sheet for a commissioned project. I might have time after dinner to make some beads I need for another piece, if not tonight then tomorrow. I need to finish a small sculpture piece I’ve had trouble with. The dish I was starting on will get put aside until I finish the commissioned work. Being away in Seattle and Japan will slow me down, but that’s the way it goes. It’s why I’m not going to open my online store until I get back. There’s no reason to open it and not be here to tend to it.
When we get back from Japan, the first weekend we are home we are going out to the coast. I guess this past weekend was my last slow-paced one, though once we get to the coast it shouldn’t be an active, crazy weekend.
I have emails to write. I should reply to an old friend who wrote a couple weeks ago. I have to check that my bead donations for the hurricane relief auction arrived over the weekend. I need to arrange to get music tracks sampled for Thomas’ site, and send off an invoice for the work I did last month. I should start putting things aside for the trips.
I’ve taken moments most days in the past weeks to stop and just enjoy sitting, breathing, being. The clouds are back, at least, even if not much rain, and they are just beautiful. I’ve got terrific friends, many of whom I saw this past weekend. I’ve got almost 5 years married to DLJ to celebrate soon, when we are tired and jetlagged and eating dinner in Tokyo with good friends that I have missed since I saw them last. There’s lots to be appreciative of and thankful for.

4 thoughts on “Sublime

  1. Congratulations on your fifth wedding anniversary! My husband and I will be married three months on Saturday and we can’t wait until we can say we’re married one, two, five, or more years! Sounds like you have a wonderful anniversary planned… enjoy your trip and can’t wait to hear about it when you return.

  2. Island Girl, it goes SO quick. It’s amazing. I remember when we got married I had a friend celebrating his 14th! And I thought WOW that is like, forever. Now we are already 1/3 there! Ack! =)


  3. Congratulations on your anniversary. I hope you have a great trip and enjoy Dead Can Dance – we’re seeing them a week from tonight in Oakland!! Cheers

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