Rush job necklace complete. I sent it out today and hopefully it will get to England with all due speed.


I think my dish in the kiln cracked. Not sure I can fix it. It was an experiment so actually, if is cracked, I might try to fix it, just to see if I can. My guess is I vented too much once it was slumped, but I don’t really know. I think cracks of the non violent type happen on the way back down, not on the way up, and this one is still in one piece. I think once it’s in slump mode, however, it’s a gonner. I will then use the pieces to make pendants. =)

I had my car checked for emissions today, it passed, I put my new registration stickers on it. We have a bbq to go to soon, then back home to change and out again to a bar to watch the punk band we saw at Slabtown two weeks ago. Earplugs, CHECK.

After this dish, if I can find a way to photograph it hiding the crack, I consider the portfolio done. I will prep the last images from stuff made this month and print, add, and finito. It will be nice to have.

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