Here’s the dish, there’s no crack, but you can see what I thought was one, running from the top near center to the right side. It’s just a color change.

Cranberry Dish
5 3/4″ x 5 3/4″

Yesterday was busy busy. I watered everything in the backyard, then kept the momentum going by removing what we think is a poplar from the corner of the yard. They propagate by sending out runners, ugh. We have baby poplars in the lawn, along the back fence. So I apologized first, then cut it down, painting the shaven trunks with a vine and shrub killer, as the trunks were at most 3″ across. then I lopped down the trees, saving the larger portions for fire wood. I will break down the branches further today, then start putting the smallest ones in the yard waste bin.

We watched cars go in and out of the open house on a nearby street, a small cul-de-sac that opens out in front of our house. I hope nice folks buy it. What’s amusing is the seller actually is one of our direct neighbors; the house was where his father in law lived. Must be strange to sell a house and watch folks come and go because you live right there. Did you buy your house for an investment?” he asked Saturday. “No,” I said. “We’re here to stay for decades, we hope!”
Still, I see his point. The house is about 800 sq. feet less than ours, and is on the market for a bit more than we bought in at a year ago.

That’s all nice but really…I just like my home and my neighborhood. Appreciation is nice, but since I want to stay for a looong time, I don’t need property values to skyrocket, either, ya know?

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