Getting ready

This morning I went out to the kiln to check on the first of two green plates. I hadn’t made one of that pattern from start to finish in my own kiln at home…and when I opened it…everything looked fine. Step 1 complete. I am not sure I will get it finished by the time we leave, but I will get it almost there if not. I’m delighted things went the way I had planned.
I started laying out clothes and other items for the trip last night. I will try to do most of the packing this evening and have everything done by tomorrow night. All the important stuff I have, passport, train passes, guide book…
I’m going to try to take my usual amount of luggage, my travel bag and one carryon, my dispatch bag. It’s going to be tough, I often carry shoes for DLJ as I am a light packer…but this time I am carrying several things for our friends we are staying with. Gifts for them and their family, items they want but can’t have shipped to them…I hate checking baggage but…maybe it will be the way of things.
Our schedule is starting to come together. Kyoto later in the week, dinner with my parents, our hosts and a couple on the same cruise as my parents Sunday night. Our friends, J and M, told me last night that the extended family wants to have us for dinner Tuesday evening. Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, cousins other in-laws. I am very much looking forward to this. It is exactly why I wanted to go to Japan while we knew people living there…the family, local, real-life sort of experiences that can’t be had any other way than having friends or family where you are visiting.
DLJ burned a bunch of our movies to digital format to put on my computer for the plane. I still haven’t decided if I am going to take the Ambien on the plane to just not deal with it for so many hours, or wait and use it to help ease the time transition. I guess I will probably go for the latter on the way there, but conk out on the way back. I think the flight back works out better for that anyway. I’m trying very hard to stay positive and focused on the fun we will have, not on the flight itself. Overall I am doing better than usual by this point…but I’m not free and clear of flying anxiety.
Today my goals are to return all my books to the library, save the one I am taking with me. I really should have another to read…one won’t cut it. There’s a local Powell’s outpost in my town, and though I am usually not buying books anymore…I think one for a trip is acceptable, and I can always sell it back or donate it somewhere when I am done with it. Or, maybe when I drop my books off at the library I will just rent another one. I usually know what I want so I put in a request order, searching for a book at the library means only having what is in that library itself to choose from. Maybe I will get lucky and they will have a copy in of something I will want to read. Any recommendations? =)

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