Luck o’ the Green

Yesterday after work I went to Bullseye to pick up glass for my commissioned work. They also called me earlier in the day to say they had found an extra pound and a half of the beloved rod color creme brule. It’s a special production color meaning it isn’t in their normal lineup, and when they are out, they are out. I reserved a pound of the remaining stuff and thanked them profusely.
When I got there, my old teacher was just getting out of her car with her darling toddler type offspring. She was there to get glass too, and with her professional discount, she could get from 20% up to 50% off depending how much she bought at once. Bulk buying is good.
I wandered around the store with a cart and gloves, picking out different shades of green and a large half-sheet of clear. My phone rang and I talked to K, who is our gracious host this weekend in Seattle. She wanted to give me directions to her house, but in a store full of glass I wasn’t prepared, so she said she would email them to me.
Once I had my sheet glass I went to the counter and she started ringing me up. “I hope the damage isn’t that bad,” I said.
“What’s all the green for?” the woman behind the counter asked.
“Oh, two dishes I’m making for someone.”
“You sell it?”
“Do you have a website? A business card?”
I fished through my purse and handed her one, and she checked the site on her computer.
“Oh! Well, then, here, you can have the professional discount.” She gave me a blue piece of paper and made some changes to my profile in the system.

Yippeee! Now I can get 20-50% off glass always, depending on how much I buy. And molds too. Sweet! That made my day.

Home I went, through surprisingly little traffic. I made a good dinner with tomatoes from the garden, we went for our evening walk, and I went out to the studio after that for a little while and am now 90% done laying up the dishes. I may want to switch out one color for another, but besides that, they are ready to begin their kiln adventures. Tonight, however, I’m switching back to the torch. DLJ will be working late so I have plenty of time to work without making a full dinner, etc. So I will take advantage of that time. Plus, tomorrow after work I will be packing for the weekend, so this is the last chance I will have until next week, maybe until after I get back from Japan.

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