Play on the Green

It’s a lovely day here, clouds. So many clouds. I have missed clouds.
I just went for a walk and went by a garage sale full of tools. I have been meaning to get to a jeweler’s store to get a jeweler’s block and hammer to flatten wire with…this guy had an interesting hammer, a large chisel bit, or something LIKE that, and a small clamp. Clamp chisel thing to workbench….voila. Jeweler’s block and hammer for $4. I’ll try it out this afternoon and see how it goes. If it works, hooray!

Last night we invited Circumambulate and his lovely wife to see a play with us on the lawn in front of the town libary. It was “The Imaginary Invalid” by Moliere, and it was free and fun. Nice afternoon, clever play, a good time catching up a little with them. I like simple, fun activities. We found out about it because they were practicing earlier in the day when we biked to the farmer’s market. They handed us a flyer, and we returned later for the real thing. I really had a good time. I want to go make some more beads as I am really “on” this week, but I should make one more dish instead, so I will perhaps muck with that instead, today and tomorrow, and then finish up the portfolio by the end of the week in terms of photography, labeling, etc.

Hope everyone is having a safe, good weekend.

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