post burn thoughts, even tho I wasn’t there yet again.

I’m wandering through the post-Bman photos on the net. A few of my friends went for the first time this year.

I think I have two thoughts on the subject of Burningman now.

1.) *typical snotty I-went-way-back-when thought* I can’t believe they put the man up so high on a platform these days. Too roped off, untouchable. I fucking helped pull him up to standing with a long rope and lot of folks yelling “heave!” when I went. And we could all sit around on hay bales under his legs all week long.

2.) I didn’t think I’d ever go back…but now I do…when my kid is old enough to walk and talk and explore and remember being there. Yeah, by then there will probably be 80k people there and some sort of advertising or something, Harvey’s giant convention center and crap…but who cares.

Welcome home, burners! Or, perhaps…welcome away.

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