I am all packed to go, except for this computer. So we will get a taxi soon to the train station, then off to the airport. J is going to meet us at Narita, we will take a bus closer to his home then go out to dinner. I’ll call my parents after that, they are already in the air, since they have a layover in LA. I’m feeling ok. I think the flight class thing I did yesterday helps. I have a list of good things to think about if I get nervous and we will just see how it goes. We have lots of movies and I have a good book and Myst to play. I am really looking forward to getting there, such a strange new place. A big new place. The red line in my head of my little trail of all the places I go will get much, much longer.
Ok, time to pack this up. I have to go to the kiln to see how the dish turned out, then shut everything down in there. Email our friends who are watching kitties and see if they can water stuff. Must do that before shutting down.

I’ll post from Japan at some point. Have a good week everyone, think good calm plane thoughts for me all day today till you go to bed.

Life is beautiful.

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