Seattle weekend

Coworkers are back after both flying to different places last week. I am envious their flying is over. I am going to bring my Myst game and play it a lot on the plane. Read. I want to fast forward and be home already. How messed up is that.

The weekend in Seattle was a good time. We stayed with an old coworker of mine and it was great to see her again. Unfortunately, she woke up Saturday with a migraine, knocking her out of the day’s festivities. So on our own we went to another former coworker’s place after a breakfast at a Noah’s bagels. We got the house tour and I finally got to meet a long-time LJ friend, Gaaneden. Both of us have been journaling online for years, so it was nice to finally put a voice and a physical person with the life I’ve read about over the years. We all crammed in our little car and went into Seattle, using directions that our poor migrained friend gave us. DLJ is always a good navigator, with those and help from the locals in the car we got parked with no problem near the theatre where DLJ and I would be seeing DCD later in the evening. We wandered the famous Public Market looking mostly at crafty things, as fresh produce wasn’t going to do us much good so far from home, and my own local CSA is already paid for. ;)
We took a ferry to Bainbridge and back and sadly didn’t have time for the Science Fiction Museum, something to tackle the next time. We also caught up with a woman I have met online in the glass forums, and she was a kicker. I really liked her and hope to get to see her again in the future, as well as her husband. PreciousJade called her husband and he came in for a quick Japanese dinner with us before DLJ and I whisked ourselves off to the Paramount to see Dead Can Dance. They were terrific. Both Lisa and Brendan were in top vocal form, and it was an enjoyable evening. Back to Redmond to sleep, then up and out the door to visit Horticulture Guy down in Tacoma. His place was a trip, he showed us all his plants and we went to eat brunch in a little town on the Sound that had wonderful french toast. We then walked along a nature path overlooking the water, just talking. His girlfriend is very sweet and they still seem really happy together. Back to his house for some more talking and hanging out, and then we were loaded up with deliciousness…three different tomatoes, a yellow carrot he pulled out of the ground for us and our marionberry vine.
The drive home was quick and dinner was a mishmosh, including his tomatoes with fresh mozz and “the good stuff” balsamic I hide except for special occasions. I saved seeds from each tomato.
Now it’s time to do laundry and repack for Japan. I’m nervous. I hate being nervous. There’s no point to it. So I’m trying to focus on being excited instead. In the end, whatever happens, the time I have before me will be the same, and I should enjoy it instead of fill it with useless worry over things I cannot control. Easy to say, hard for me to do.

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