bubble trouble

Another bubble in a plate this morning. GRRR! I’m going to try to salvage it with one more fuse tonight. Another plate is ready to go and another one has started I wanted to get three plates this week…I still might be able to…we shall see. I preheated the kiln shelf after I put wash on it, darn it. I’ll have to try to sort what I did wrong and not do it again.’

Hm. Found a more conservative firing schedule. I will use it tonight on the new plate waiting to go. The old one is probably too warped to be used, now that I think about it. Into the pendant bin it goes, most likely.

Mom is going to Mexico today for a week, wheee. Dad is home alone so I will likely call him to see how he’s doing by the weekend. Work remains busy, but with the end in sight.

I’m going to have my hours boosted on a friend’s website, so that I can finally overhaul it. Not only did I not have the time before, I didn’t want to come home and do more webwork, so I didn’t push it too hard, even though I knew the site really needed it. Now, I will have time free to work so we will start getting the site out of 1997 in November. Yay! It’s not a lot of hours, just 8 a month…but that’s just what I am looking for these days.

Stupid plate bubble. GRRR!

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