Change on the wind

I said I’d update and I lied. It’s been days, hasn’t it. Work is crazy, glass is crazy. A little over three weeks and my contract is up here. I’ll be looking for other things, and hopefully will be given the opportunity to return after my three months is up. I’d like the option to think about, at least.
Ramping up for the show is my main concern right now. I need fabric, price tags, a sign, lables…but I’ve got some inventory now, table, table cover, and the bones of a good display. Much done, much to do.
Meanwhile I am just trying to get everything paid up, equaled out, stashed and saved before the job ends. I hope to find small gigs on the side while I look for my next thing. Part of me does look forward to this…when we have kids I will want to stay home till they are in school at least…this is a good test to see how we do. DLJ still is waiting for some job stuff to happen financially, it sure is taking a long time, but all we can do is wait and stay positive.
My car is currently not in the parking lot here, as it’s being driven to an autoglass place. They do mobile replacement but it’s raining. A rock hit it a little while back, right where I couldn’t see it, below the windshield wiper. But a long crack stretches either direction now…it’s time to replace the glass. It will be back this afternoon and all complete. Like I said, fixing, finishing up financial tasks. It’s going to be a BIG bite when I stop working. It’s scary. But at the same time…we don’t NEED all that I make…we can get by with a lot less. These thoughts get tossed around a lot. And I won’t be doing nothing. Glass will be in full swing while I’m at home, plus a small web gig and hopefully others.
Here’s a piece that won’t be for sale, it was my first try and therefore not good enough to put up for someone to buy. I like it, though, and I’ll wear it.

Oh, it’s going to be a crazy fall. But a good one. Stay positive.

3 thoughts on “Change on the wind

  1. Jeez I have not been here for a while and a ton of stuff has happened. Namely the Japan trip. This bracelet is great, when is your online store going to be set up, I am curious about some of your other stuff. Take care and keep creating!

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