Off-kilter and overscheduled

Yawn, yawn, yawn. Today is off-kilter. I have to write my glass newsletter, as it is late, I had no time to make DLJ’s smoothie, I left my work badge at home, I have way too much money in my wallet as a result of closing out our Bank of America bank account yesterday (SO LONG, SUCKERS) and I have 6,000 yen in my pocket that DLJ needs to have to convert back to dollars downtown.
I have to go to the post office today to send in a 401k rollover thingie, the pin I posted yesterday to go out to its owner…I’m yawning. I need to research fixing our front rain gutter by the front door. Actually, DLJ will do that. I’m waiting to hear on a fall holiday sale thing I want to be a part of, I am 3/4 done with my green dishes glass order, then I have a necklace to do, but I need to make beads as well for it. We are leaving Friday for the coast for our first weekend at the condo, which has now closed and is in my parents’ ownership. We are bringing sheets and comforters and things that my parents bought and had shipped to our house. Our job is to make sure everything looks ok, that nothing is largely amiss from when they last saw it before the deal closed.
Like the one they rented, the master bedroom is by the ocean so you can hear and see the waves. We have always slept in the guestroom previously, so it will be nice this weekend to get the fireplace going, drink wine, relax, and fall asleep next to the sea. But that does mean no glass this weekend. I’ll have to plow through when we get back. Especially if I get accepted for that sale. And there’s still the website to open…but with the sale, if I get in, I will have no store inventory. Ack!

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