Random Japan Pics

I can’t even remember if I posted this one. Wierd statue in a back shopping alley in Tokyo.

Large and small torii gates at the Fushimi Imari shrine. The small ones are left by people asking for their wishes to be heard.

Shrines and temples have areas to purify before entering. Each has running water and ladles to ladel water over one’s hands. Some people rinse their mouths out as well. I was fascinated by the dragon at this one in Kyoto.

A local train trundling by near the Edo Maru (museum) in Tokyo.

I was just fascinated, amused, and sometimes apalled by the fashion on streets and trains. I loved this group, the woman on the left never stopped preening and staring at herself in the window reflections and mirror, high heeled fuck-me boots with tight jeans. Next, an Elvis style popular due to a Japanese band that had adopted the look, and a wholesome schoolgirl on the right.

J has a livejournal. If you feel like reading his version of things, it’s in his journal.

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